Friday, May 11, 2012

Last T-ball Year

During a given week, everyone lives for something! For Aubree, it's T-ball day.  We pretty much have to acknowledge every day and review how many more before "game day". 
Then, we go through the list of adoring fans that will be present to cheer her on when her day arrives!
And.........she hit it!  Run number 6!
Waiting at second base to make her move to third!  **Wrong foot advancing to third* :)
Clearly, it is difficult to tell if what I say is the truth!  I almost looks like I have to hog tie her to get her there! :)   I love her excitement, especially when she is so taken over with excitement before the game that she pats Colby on the knee and calls him "precious".  **That has sparked a whole new nickname for C...... I love to aggravate my "precious" boy!
Yay, Aubree Cate you crossed home and got that "hot five" from Mr. Lee!

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