Saturday, July 30, 2011

Salute to them!

A couple of weeks ago, the Garden Club housed the World War II Veterans Banquet. The living veterans of Tattnall County were recognized during a ceremony with different speakers such as Sonny Dixon and Colonel Cloutier. It was a special day for Granddaddy, but I was on vacation, so I couldn't make it. Al was able to go as well as the rest of the family. They said he was on cloud 9 and had a ball....not to mention it was captivating listing to all the men!! He received a standing ovation when they read all his awards, honors, and accomplishments...

This, Tammy said, was the one opportunity he waited for........a picture with Sonny Dixon! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

More of the same

I have been pretty slack on pictures this summer, and I realize the ones I have taken are basically pool, but half of our summer revolves around water...right down to vacation. One day when it was just the two of us at the pool, I spent time coaxing Aubree into the water. Actually, she didn't put up TOO much resistance....and in time she jumped off the side to me, put her head in the water, and practiced kicking her feet and moving her arms without her water sidekick (the baby float). I wish she would put on some sort of swimmies so she learn to "swim" freely in the pool, but instead she wants me to hold her. At least she is off the steps, and it isn't like holding a drowning cat!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks Day!

Our message in church on Sunday morning focused on this Bible was a good sermon!

We took the kids to see the fireworks Monday night. While we were waiting, Al and C threw the baseball back and forth....lots of people had the same idea! We wound up pulling in right next to other family/friends, so it was a fun time! Sitting and waiting...wondering what her reaction to these fireworks would be! See the fake smile? Actually, she acted like she was going to melt down, but just sat in our laps for the show. She was watching it, so I asked if she like it and she said "no". It was noisy, and she was ready to go...smh :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Popping good time...

or not......

We put out a few fireworks for the kids tonight, and Aubree was stoked about getting to play with "sprinkles....what are they again?" The sparklers were first....nice and quiet, and I thought for sure when she saw Colby, she would take one of them, but I was wrong! :) Have I mentioned she has a mind of her own??

Colby had just gotten out of the shower....he was enjoying it! Then we went to the slightly bigger.....
and Aubree came unglued! Actually, the falling apart came a little sooner when Al threw out a popper thing and caught her by surprise!! She did a jig, her color drained, her hands flew to her ears, and I was holding her starting that moment! Aubree left her hands over her ears the rest of the time; she didn't take the chance of removing them!

I can't wait to remind her one day...... :)