Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anything but quiet days...

On days when we don't have much going on and I don't have mountains of laundry to wash or fold, I try to take the kids swimming. They love it, and on the days we are at home....I constantly hear how BORED they are (actually, Colby is bored and Aubree is bored because Colby is bored) haha

Somehow staring at a frog in a drain is full of excitement, though! :)

There is AC slowly becoming the daredevil and getting off the steps! Occasionally, as she is floating, she will say, "I'm not goin' to turn over, no??" I would love to have her comfortable with the puddle jumper by the end of the summer, but......It goes without saying that we didn't attempt swimming lessons this year. :) The kids usually play baseball in the water most of the time, HOWEVER, it causes many anger issues and even meltdowns! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbyes & Cucumbers

After about a month, we had to say our goodbyes to Christi and Payton. They have made it safely back to Alaska, but we enjoyed the time they spent! I'm sure Payton's daddy has missed his little boy :)

It didn't take long before Aubree was telling everyone that "Payton is spoiled wotten":) It is so fun to love and smell on a sweet baby, but I do have to say that it helped me a lot..... If I did have any doubt, it confirmed that having another would not be a logical decision. :)AND...... while she might think sleeping with squash is fun.....
swimming with cucumbers ranks pretty high too!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

This morning before church we gave Al a photo album I put together on Shutterfly for Father's Day. I have been saying forever that I was going to make a book of some sort, but honestly, something like that is nothing short of torture for me.....Anyway, it consisted of lots of family photos, and I inserted Bible quotes about children and fathers throughout. For my first book, it turned out okay :)

We hope everyone had a very enjoyable Father's Day on this extremely hot day! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Helmet head

Aubree has a sudden fondness for Colby's batting helmet! Why she wants to wear this oversized thing that won't stay put on her head is beyond me....

But just like the majority of the stuff she comes up with....

you can't help but laugh! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

VBS week

I did take my camera to Bible School one day and I managed to only get four....there just wasn't time for pictures :) While we were waiting to transition to another activity, Lee hyped them up (even more) with some form of a dodge ball game.

I was in the groups with the older kids above, so I didn't see AC very much...however, I did get to counsel her on day 1 when she walked in to the nursery that had been completely transformed and a few workers were dressed in costumes! I think it caught her off guard, so she had a crying spell until they tracked me down :) While the boys were finishing up dodge ball, I was able to get one of her when they came in for snack.

The last day of VBS. Aubree looked forward to showing her muscles every day for the "hero" theme of Bible School. Every time Lee used a certain phrase during the opening devotion, they had to strike the pose of the day! Here are Colby & Aubree Cate sporting their favorites!
It was our first year of going back to morning Bible School the way it used to be way back when... we weren't spilling over with help as in the past, but I think it worked out well! We have a lot of kids that play ball, so having it at night would cause children to miss frequently....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This is Ebenezer's week for VBS! As a trial run, we have gone back to the "old school" way of having Bible School this year. Instead of having it in the evening, we are trying it during the morning. Naturally, the biggest concern was having enough help during the morning, but it seems to be working out just fine....my opinion is that I hope it sticks around! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

First Summer Weekend

On Friday, Colby & Dawson left with Al for the coast. We were in charge of Dawson last weekend and since he had ballgames Friday night and Saturday in Brunswick, they all spent the night at Shellman to cut down on driving.

That left Aubree & me to do our thing.....Saturday, we went over to Tammy's to do some swimming or lack of....

AGAIN...she is scared of the water. Really, I thought Aubree would be more adjusted this year, but turns out I was wrong! I put her puddle jumper on and forced her to get in just to show her she would bobble on the water.....THAT did not go over well!!! :) Just picture trying to hold a cat in the water!! :) I had to remove her before we drew the neighbors....

After she got over the madness, she went back to playing on the step just like last year. I guess she'll get it in time......or be like her Grammy and still be terrified of water when she is a grandparent :) Aubree did at least let me hold her in the water to get wet and cool off from time to time. When I would reach for her, she would say, "Remember, I don't have on my float!" haha

When we came home that afternoon, Aubree and I kept Payton for a bit while Christi caught a movie. Aubree LOVES a baby more than any child I know....any baby!!!! My children are so different in that respect - Colby has never paid any mind to a baby...always shy around them and certainly wouldn't think of voluntarily touching one for fear of upsetting him/her. Aubree is ALL.OVER.THEM!!! With Payton, she wants to hold him constantly, feed him, shove a pappy in his mouth, strap rattles to his arm, etc. I spent as much time seeing about him as I did making sure she wasn't irritating him :) Without a doubt, she will be a loving mother one day......one far away day :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


She sleeps with a squash!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boy noise

I rarely take videos anymore, but something hit me when she attempted to make that terrible boy noise with her armpit! And yes, I do find it funny RIGHT NOW....it definitely wouldn't be humerous if Aubree was 16 and flapping her arm like a chicken. There are numerous things that make me laugh only because she is three and comes up with craziness (except taking down wallpaper) :) FYI: AC hasn't figured it out just yet so she uses her mouth to make the sound.... but she is a quick study so I'm kind of concerned! haha

She had just gotten out of the shower, and lately she has been grabbing a headband to put her hair back.