Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

When trying to decide what we were going to do on Monday, we gave Colby two choices....go-karts or the beach. I already knew in my mind what he would choose, so when he did say go-karts, my reply was "are you sure?" :)

I was hoping for a beach trip, so Al said that he and Colby would go to Pooler while I took AC to the beach (which I know made him happy). Christi went with us since she hasn't had a good dose of the beach in a while!

Al took a few phone pictures.....Colby said he had a good time, and they even ran into a familiar face!

Aubree had fun at the beach!! She asked at least 50 times when we would get there!!
She ran around, played in the sand, and ate nonstop which gave us relaxing time....I was thankful!!!

I filled up this bucket a few dozen times... Our day was buckets of fun, though! At one point, I cut her off with the food and drinks......so she took her chair and went by herself :) THEN....Aubree Cate became quite entertained with trying to get the seagulls to eat her crackers.......

FYI: She asked about 50 times when we would be home too!!!! :) It took her about 3/4 of the way home before she gave in and slept :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Flea boys 2011- White Sox

This should be the last post.... As the season moved along, Colby became more interested in playing the game. He really loves to watch people play ballgames, but he is less enthusiastic about playing himself!!

This was Colby's last game - it was challenging, but a fun season for him being a White Sox player. There were definitely days where I would hope Al and Colby both would survive each other!

Afterwards, the team had a pizza party.
I have to say that watching boys at this level is very interesting. It was our first year where it is a "real" ballgame, so to speak. Overall, baseball is my favorite sport......I've really enjoyed watching Colby (and Dawson/Thomas when I can).

AC wouldn't eat any pizza, but managed to eat the majority of two cupcakes! I don't let that slide very often but it was a special occasion! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HurriCATE's new project

I need to remember this so one day I have proof of exactly how exhausting (destructive) she was! I would say that I hope she has three JUST like her one day, but I might regret that when I'm babysitting them! :)

We have wallpaper in the hall bath, and she was able to notice the tinist of spots where a seam wasn't very tight any more. Aubree has gotten scolded several times for touching it!!! I guess when she sits on the toilet, the temptation is just too much......it is calling her name, so little by little she reaches and rips!

It is right on the wall that faces you when you pass by the bathroom, so that sight is the first thing you see when you walk past!!! It couldn't be any more eye catching if there was a neon light on the wall! We love her dearly though, we do! :)

We do intend on taking it down, but until then.....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colby's Honor's Day

Colby had his honor's day last week before they got out of school. First and second grades were combined, so I was able to see Colby, Dawson, and Emi/Bailey. Before doing the award presentation, the kids sang a few songs.

I don't think I had the camera very still.....

In first grade, they don't give an Honor Roll certificate, but he did get the sight word award for knowing all the recommended words per month.

Receiving his AR award


For some reason, Dawson is telling another student to simmer down! Receiving his AR award. He also earned the fitness award. No question I love Colby, but I didn't hold my breath on that award :)

Emi & Bailey
Colby is now ready for 2nd grade!

We are so proud that he had a great year!! We loved Mrs. C DeLoach & Mrs. Jennifer

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aubree's last T-ball game

Last Monday, Aubree played her last T-ball game of the season. I would say it was a busy, but successful season. Al coached both kids this year, so it made for a lot to keep up with. All in all, AC loved playing.....we took a cool snap on that day too :) On a day like today, I wouldn't mind that snap! :)

Secretly, I hope AC will lean more toward a bow wearing athlete than dancing. I have nothing against costumes and dance recitals, but I spent most all of my young life in some sort of dancing and had no sport involvement, so I think I just want to experience the sport side. We (mainly Al) watches the girl's softball leagues on T.V., and I tell Aubree I would love to see her be THAT awesome (because those girls are all business...and they wear bows!!) BUT, if she chooses dance or whatever, that'll be okay too!

She'll have to learn to be still, though! She was moving and grooving at first while waiting on the next batter.....

Don't you love it!! She has been watching those boys!!!

I am glad for the break, but it was sooo fun!!!

Here are the little treat bags they got at the end of the game....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet Onion Parade

This year the weather made for an interesting and chilly parade. Even though it rained off and on, it wasn't too bad...no one even seemed to notice :) Except the poor pagent-parade girls in their dresses were probably kind of cool! :)

Heeeeere's Super Dave with the Shiner's! :)

Our church float with the patriotic theme..... I realized after I started snapping that I didn't see Colby. He was on the OTHER side, and I didn't have the chance to get there to get a shot at him... I tried to get Aubree to ride that morning with Rhonda/Rebecca, but she wanted no part of that!

The other main attraction we were waiting on was the WWII ride.... There is Granddaddy in the back (behind Heidi's granddaddy :)) I couldn't believe that he actually agreed to ride in the parade, but he is PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN..... and served his time honorably....
He talks about it often and he has a journal of his life that we all have copies of! Daddy said he wasn't always like that.....growing up, he said G'daddy never spoke a single word about it until the day Daddy mentioned enlisting and G'daddy told him "absolutely not...it will forever change you and put images in your mind that will never go away". Actually, there were stronger words that I'll leave out, but you get the point! :) At 90 years old, I can't believe how strong his mind still is!!!

This is where AC rested her body THE ENTIRE parade....on Tammy's hip! She wouldn't think of getting down, candy or no candy. When it comes to loud noises, she is scared, so there were a few things that left her lip quivering.....