Friday, April 29, 2011

Looks & Smells So Sweet!

The Jasmine is in full bloom at our house, and it is so pretty to look at. It fills the entire side area of our house with that sweet aroma... I could smell that every day; I wish my house smelled like that instead of dirty laundry or a trash can that needs to be carried out!! haha

These pictures were taken the day I took the kids to the dentist on our off day. I decided to get some quick snaps while the blooms were still on!!

As a result, these pictures have turned out to be some of my favorites!

Colby likes using the camera to take pictures of us, so he wanted to get one of Aubree and me. He, actually, didn't do a bad job! I think the less you try to get ready for a picture, the better it turns out :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter morning pictures

For Easter morning, here are my two purple peeps....

Amazingly enough, we have all made it to church early for two years in a row to do pictures BEFORE service. This was our first service back in our newly remodeled sanctuary, and it was exciting to return to our cushioned seats :) It was sooo pretty!

Here is the DeLoach family dressed in pink with Nadia (one of Tammy's students)
Our purple family. I guess I should have held Aubree! With her being tiny, I feel like we cut her off sometimes because she doesn't line up with us :)
Thomas, Dawson, and Nadia
All the kids.....I was pretty pleased that everyone was smiling and paying attention. The picture turned out really well!
Easter goes by so fast, but it is a definite reminder that Jesus lives and to recognize what He did for us so that we can have eternal life in Heaven!

Monday, April 25, 2011

What a combo!!

But I can't think of any combination that I love more! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More egg hunting...

It was my plan to get this posted Saturday night after the egg hunt at church, but my eyes were closing before I could get completely finished so I had to close out! :) I'll have to attempt to get some of our Easter pictures up tomorrow....hopefully! :)

Our egg hunt was at church on Saturday afternoon. The kids had devotion, a craft, the adults and children hunted eggs, and then we had supper. Colby decided that since he had just hunted eggs the prior day, he wasn't into it and wanted to stay with Al.

Here is Mr. Lee giving the Easter story....I was proud of Aubree; she was listening well.

Aubree's craft.... We've been talking about how Jesus lives in our heart...well, I've been talking and hopefully she is listening :)
The girls lined up ready to head outside to get going on some egg hunting!!

Go, Aubree, Go!

Taking a break and tearing flowers out of the planter....*sigh
Thomas & Dawson watching some of the younger ones hunt....waiting for their turn.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt

On Thursday, Aubree had the annual egg hunt as Ms. Wanna's. She dyes a few real eggs with them so they can have one with their names on it (that's why they love her so). It was extremely warm that day and, apparently, my jeans were triple insulated :)
Ahhh, sweet Bay that keeps Mrs. Dell on her toes...everyone needs one of those! He is about Aubree's equivalent :).......maybe a tad rougher!
Baylor did not need permission to tear into his eggs!

John McLean had already gotten tasty with some chocolate..see the evidence on his upper lip?
Aubree Cate and sweet, loving "Jama".....he tries so hard to be affectionate with AC, but she spends her time trying to fight him off.......I DO NOT know where she gets that :)


Emma on the look out...

They were group hunting..... :)

After the hunt, they sat to enjoy cupcakes and ice cream!

When we got home, Aubree Cate had to check out the loot!!! We are heading to the church egg hunt today!!!! Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tutu cute

Tomorrow AC's going on an egg hunt!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank You Jesus!

For small favors......

We squared off against Dawson's team tonight, but we fell short in points. In the end, it didn't matter.....we got our small favor! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Dinner

I'm over a week late with this post, but I can't find time to get things up lately....I'm biting the bullet tonight and getting it done, because I have a few ball pics that I need to get posted, too...

Last Saturday we had Granddaddy a 90th birthday celebration (and Grandma's 83rd). The best we could do was get him to come to Mama/Daddy's for a fish and shrimp fry. He wouldn't hear of going anywhere...

I brought my camera because it had been a while since I had snaps of us all together. They fit like a hand and glove.....

Here is a snap with them and all their great-grandchildren Granddaddy and Grandma with all the grandchildren and great-grands.

Erica came up from Florida for the weekend, so we had a picture with all of their grandchildren!

O'Donnell family first cousins....clearly, we are dressed for a fish fry and not pictures....haha

What would the boys be without the DS(s)

He is very low key :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

T-ball practice

On Thursday, all eight T-ball teams gathered for a practice session at the ball park. Mainly, everyone just found his/her team, practiced hitting/catching, and picked up the game schedule. We will be at the park on Mondays for AC's games and Tues/Friday for Colby's.

Aubree, I have to say, does pretty darn well hitting the ball considering it is her first year. That is until she gets distracted and the down time makes her want to go somewhere else! I noticed a good bit of the kids (if they miss) swing higher than the tee, but Aubree tends to swing lower and chop the stand.... Oh, you should have seen that hilarious mess when they ran the actual bases at the end of practice!!! :) T-ball is so fun to watch! That way???? No, Aubree....keep going the way you were going!!!! haha!!! :) **Colby had a field trip on Friday to the post office, Cricket Farm, and bank.....Tammy did take a phone pic of him in the mail truck, but I CANNOT get it to transfer! I can tell Colby is growing and getting older....It gets harder to get pictures of him, because he is gone more often with Al or doing other things, leaving just Aubree and me :(