Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warm & Cool

Warm bath & Cool treat!!

The kids always want a popsicle or something to snack on after they are showered/bathed. With Aubree, it tends to get a little messy sometimes....I usually have a few drops of juice to clean off the floor and a sticky mess on the counter.

This night, I decided to just combine the two! I let her eat the popsicle in the bathtub, so I could wash her and the mess all at once! :)

She was being particularly careful about not dropping pieces in the bathtub, because unlike the counter, she couldn't retrieve them once she dropped them...haha!

Aubree was, however, being a large clown while I was taking the snaps...

I'm not entirely sure what was going on with the "eye cutting"....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Puppy Love..

After a week, we decided the pup was looking healthy enough so we showed her to the kids (initially, I thought it was a boy, but turned into a girl.....probably shouldn't work in labor in delivery) haha!

It goes without saying that the kids have been estactic over the new addition. The discussion about keeping her hasn't really come up.... I think the kids just assume since she was born here, she stays here! We talk more and more like it belongs, and AC even attached a name to her...Black Dog better raise her to know that she doesn't chew up our things; dig big, noticeable holes in my beds; or jump on us!!! :)
It's total excitement!!

Her eyes are nearly all the way open...these pics were taken a few days ago, but the puppy is going to be so fat, she'll never learn to walk!!
She still looks/roots around to find BD when she isn't next to her!!! When AC plays with her in the yard, she'll ask, "what's she doing??"
Black Dog thought the kids had enough play time....she walked up and opened her mouth like she was going to attempt to fit that puppy in her mouth :)
Her name??? Aubree is pretty adamant about Gabby. It is definitely better than Little Black Dog...ha!!! Colby hasn't been around much today, but when Aubree mentioned it to him, he just smiled. Unfortunatley, it's looking like we will have two dogs, but at least we will finally have one with a REAL name! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick's Weekend

We made it down to the coast Friday afternoon for the first time in quite a while!! Last year when we stayed, Aubree was sleeping in a pack-n-play. This year, we have to do something different, so I put Colby and Aubree together... I only had to put up one rail, and it made her feel better having someone in the same room! It, actually, went pretty well...no one ended up on the floor! :)

I can't believe how extremely warm it turned out on Saturday. I'm very glad, though, because the gnats were bad enough with the heat! :) We avoided all shade! David was rediscovering his youth parading with the Shriners in the kids' buggy :)

It didn't take long once the parade got underway, before the kids were comparing loot!

Colby D.
Thomas acting silly!
Daw is way too cool for all that, though! :)

Bailey & Emi
Aubree loved the beads and is still loving them!!! Thomas managed to get her an entire bag of purple beads which made her day!!! That was the only color she was worried about during the parade, so Sunday, she played "swap" with the boys!!! haha
The fact that she loves pink & purple confirms that there is some girly in there!!! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

More fur...

He's cuddled around Black Dog's tail.....isn't that cute?
The Danner Family has expanded, but not by choice! The past couple of weeks I have been mentioning to Al that I couldn't believe Black Dog had put on so much winter weight. Al shrugged it off to the weather and age. When Hamp came by on Saturday, he said, "oh, your dog is pregnant?" No, she's not! Over the hill dogs do not get pregnant! She's about 9 years old and had never had any puppies....we seriously had never seen signs that puppies could even be possible, so we never "fixed" her.
Then.....Monday we had a pup!!! :)
We didn't have much time to get used to the idea before it was here! Actually, there were two, but only one made it. It hasn't been quite a week yet, so we haven't told the kids. I don't want them stressing Black Dog, because she is barely eating and drinking as it is. She WILL NOT leave that puppy. She will let us pick up the puppy with no problem, though. I hand fed some bread to her, and she did eat that. I've even moved her food and water right next to her, but she won't eat it for some reason (maybe she's working on pregnancy weight!)
Maybe we'll tell the kids after the weekend if all continues to work out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For now....

It always sounds morbid when you start a sentence with "this is the last time"....SO I'm going to reverse my words by saying.....Until Friday, I won't see them sleep like this! That sounds a little better, right??
Oh my gosh, how sweet is that brown eyed girl!

There is my haaaard, snuggly sleeper!!!! I will be ready to see this blonde/brown boy (depending on the season) by Friday :) **Looking forward to my working trip to Atlanta, but I do miss and wonder what they all are doing constantly!!! Above all....I pray that God plows the way for a safe trip!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday pictures

The past few weeks we have actually been 10 minutes or so ahead of our usual running behind schedule! When you have a couple of minutes to spare, you might as well......

They even both cooperated at the same time! :)

Colby jetted as soon as I took the pics, but Aubree was lagging behind, so I grabbed a few extra of her on our way back inside

I just can't believe this girl is 3 (and bosses like she is 13)! It is unreal...I guess once you have the second one, the time with that one just seems to go into double speed!