Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out with the old....

Tonight was the very last time Colby laid down as a six-year-old, because....

tomorrow he turns 7!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aubree's 3rd birthday party

This is later than I said (only by a week), but this is my busy time at work so I have limited time on weekdays :)
I love this birthday outfit so much!!! I wanted something that would match her Hello Kitty theme..... I wish she could wear it forever!

We took all the kids to Monkey Joe's to play. For winter birthdays, places like this are gold since there just isn't many choices except an inside-your-house birthday (uuuuum, nah)!

It was really busy that day, actually. We got there right at 10:00 when they opened, so it was nice at that time. Right after lunch...they were piling in by the car loads!

C was having tons of fun playing with Thomas and Dawson!
Aubree and Baylor

John McLean

Aubree and her sidekick!

After playtime, we walked over to Mellow Mushroom for pizza, cupcakes, and presents!!!
Here is our cute birthday crew!!!

Happy Birthday dear Aubree Cate.....Happy Birthday to you!!

Dawson and Thomas



Aubree opening her baby doll....she loves a baby!

It was all she could focus on after she opened that present!!!

The boys came back to play with Colby after the party. Dawson devoted a little play time to Aubree :)

Aubree had so much fun at her party! We were so happy everyone was able to come celebrate with us!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Aubree Cate! Whatcha got under there???

She has stolen the baby doll's pacifier! It no longer has a shape allowing it to go in the baby's mouth! No other word describes the girl's desire for a pappy, even still, as passionate. The past few days this "thing" has become habit, so guess what is going to have to disappear tonight? :( *I've still got to get birthday photos up.....hopefully tomorrow! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

It really is hard to believe it has been three years!!! I know people say that all the time, but time gets faster and faster!! Here is a picture of my sweet baby girl on her first birthday. I love this picture; it is Aubree in true fashion..... she couldn't stand that hat on her head! :)

Her second birthday really does seem like a few months ago....

AND here she is on her third birthday!! I can't believe how much she has grown from each picture, and Aubree looks so big in this one! us by her 6th birthday!

So far, we've gone from a polka dot first birthday, Mickey/Minnie Mouse second, and Hello Kitty third! Let me stress how good my kitchen smells right now waiting for these cupcakes to be eaten! And that will happen tomorrow at our party in Statesboro!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday Eve

What does a girl do on the day before she officially leaves the Terrible Twos???

She gets a haircut!!! This dry, winter weather is not a friend to thin, straight hair! :)

Then, you come home and play dress up with the fancy clothes you get at your first birthday party! AC loves the dress she got from Mrs. Wanna - now she can be just like her older friends :) Oh, minus the gloves.... couldn't talk her into those gloves today!
Certainly, what kind of night would it be if you didn't close out your 2nd year with a minor crying spell!

Sleep tight, HurriCATE! Tomorrow's a new year!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Girly Birthday Theme

It is officially birthday week, and it is so fun, because Aubree has reached the age that she understands about 'birthday party'. She has been asking constantly for the past two weeks or so about the party....."my party today?", "tomorrow my party?"!!! She only has a few more days, and we'll be partying like three-year-olds!!!

As you can see, AC has "takin' a liking" to something new, and the timing worked out perfectly! No stress when thinking of a party theme!
There will surely be more on the party later in the week......but for now, we have an outfit to support the theme (which she is desperately itching to wear), we just need a birthday!!! :)
I can't believe I have an almost three-year-old girl!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coming soon...

For now, Aubree is just playing the homework part, but in a few short years, my counter will be exactly this in the afternoons with two kids! Booooo...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

From December to January

Last Wednesday, Colby had a lock-in at the church. He really enjoyed the last one he went to and was insistent on going even though we had to leave our house at 8:30 Thursday morning for doctor's appointments in Savannah. At the last lock-in, Mr. Lee played games with them until about 3:00-3:30 and then put in a movie so they would fall asleep. So on Thursday morning, he had to rush home and get a shower after operating on (probably) 3 hours sleep! IT. WAS. BRUTAL! He cried the entire shower and slept every chance he got in the car....

games, games, games

Colby and his friend from church.

Here are most of the kids....NO WAY, I tell you! :) But Lee is very patient, and so good with the youth, they love doing things as a group!

And finally.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Our family was really blessed in 2010. We all had good health and jobs to go to when so many people did not. We hope everyone has a great 2011!