Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the last day of October...


October has been fun, but we are excited about tomorrow which brings a brand new month!!!!

It is today that I'm particularly thankful for my health and the health of my family!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick-or-Treat & Friday themes

I'm really combining two posts, because I just got too tired after trick-or-treating on Thursday night! When we trick-or-treat, we mainly go around to all our grandparents, because they want to see the kids and each one alone basicly fills the pails for them :) We did that again this year and made two extra stops... Aubree was sooo excited about "trick-or treaking" all day!!! Here they are before leaving.....I can't believe how fast October came and went :)

We stopped by Tammy Driggers' house, and we met up with Brannen.....

and Molly and Jency.....A man was walking his son to Tammy's door to get candy, and he had on a scarey mask. I was hoping that Aubree wouldn't look up and notice BUT...she did. She had a scared-to-death moment when she abandoned her candy pail right there and dashed through the flower bed to get away! :)
My Grandma gave her a banana with her trick-or-treat stuff...even though Aubree doesn't like bananas, she insisted on carrying it around AND EVEN SLEPT WITH IT :) I think it was when Colby was two-years-old too and was dressed as a pirate that he carried a banana around all night with his costume (kinda like a sword :)


Character Day!
Colby chose to wear one of his soccer uniforms....I talked him into the orange (for Halloween, of course)


I have really enjoyed the month of October this year with the kids...hard to believe it is over!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Ribbon Week/Halloween Week #4

Nothing major, but Colby thought it was different and fun!

Aubree is wearing her candy corn skirt and bow! She wasn't feeling it all that much this morning.......

but with a little encouragement...."You wanna trick-or-treat this afternoon??? She perked right up!! :)
***Too much to add trick-or-treat tonight, but they will come later***


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Ribbon/Halloween Week #3

At the first of the week, I bought some colored hairspray in preparation for 'crazy hair day' at school today. Colby had been staring at those cans for days and he was sooooo ready to be crazy!!!

I pretty much told Al to do what he could and try to get his hair to stick out. For Colby, that is somewhat of an accomplishment, because we get teased that his hair always lays in the same spot, but it is naturally like that :) I have to hand it to Daddy Hairdresser.......he did beautiful work :)
Thomas borders slightly on scarey with that grin while Daw with a mohawk is a given!! They are still the cutest 'crazy' boys I know!!


While AC's craziness isn't reflective in the runs much deeper :) No is camaflauged with dang cuteness (in her mama's opinion)!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Ribbon/Halloween Week #2

Colby is celebrating Red Ribbon Week at school. I did miss pictures yesterday (it was red day), but I do intend to be on top of it the rest of this week!
Here is.........Tacky Day!!

If this isn't a mess of colors, then I just don't know! Try not to look directly at's hard to make your eyes break away! :)

Since this bundle of energy doesn't get to participate in Red Ribbon, I created a Halloween Week just for her! She will sport a Halloween attire every day this week :)

I'm not sure what got into Aubree so bright and early this morning...she was posed and smiley!Stay tuned for tomorrow.....


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday afternoon

We are getting to the point where she doesn't always take a nap, but I do fight that tooth and nail! Today, Aubree was a little worn out once we got home from church, so it was smooth sailing.....
This little guy of mine doesn't even think about a nap! There are more important things to worry about like SpongeBob Squarepants....ugh :)

I should have gotten a snap of their Daddy, because his Sunday log sawing is a given!!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

End of soccer season

This was Colby's third year playing soccer, and I think he enjoyed it the most. By nature, he isn't an aggressive player, but he has gotten better each time! Most importantly, he enjoys playing the sport with the other kids.
front: Grace, Mary Claire, Charles, and Pearce
back: Jai, Colby, Brandon, Anna Kate, and Mason
coaches: Jonathan and Al
For the last game, I got these cookies (I MADE THESE COOKIES :)) to take for the kids after the game. I needed something quick, so I called Food Lion since it is the easiest to swing by on my way home. They are always easy to work with and have always helped with anything I've requested :)

This last game was probably the most exciting one they played. The two teams were evenly matched, and they stayed on the move!

Colby was nice enough to give the other team a point :) I'm really not sure how he managed to do it, but it caused him to suffer the wrath by Coach Daddy... :)
In the end, Stingrays vs. Flames stopped with a was a good game!!!

Go STINGRAYS!! We enjoyed the season!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Church Fall Festival

Saturday afternoon was our Fall Festival at church. It was an extremely nice day and was perfect for the festival!!! I'm not sure what happened to the picture....but here is C getting ready to go play some games!!

Here is my 50s girl decked in her Halloween costume. She didn't have enough hair to put in a pony tail and tie the scarf, so we did what we could! :)
I really wish this picture would have turned out clearer, because I love it of the two of them!

Here are a group of girls Aubree's age at the church: AC, Madison, Joanna, Molly & Jency (or visa versa) :) I accidently cut out older brother, Brannen.
Since I've already picked out Aubree's husband, I'm pretty sure it's okay if I tag her future BFFs!! This would be them.... Molly & Jency. Clearly, I don't know them apart just yet....but I'm working on it!!! They are sooooo cute like their brother, and they have strong personalities just like my AC :)

Aubree with Jency
Colby on his way to show me his loot!!!

As busy as it was, it was impossible to get pics of is Aubree doing the bean bag toss. It was funny, because every one she missed, she would go get and try again! Eventually, Rebecca helped her out by "guiding" them mid air into the pocket!! Yay Aubree!!!! Awesome throw!!! :)
They had a bounce house too which ALL kids love. I didn't get a picture of that either!!! To be as wild as she is, she is nervous about stuff like that. She's scared to go in where she can't see me.... that'll pass soon :)

Colby was excited and ready for the hayride! I tell ya, it really seems like no time when he was so little I had to ride with I'm chasing him down to give him his coat before they pull away!

The morning after: this was the favorite prize they brought home...... the punching balloons!!! We had so much fun yesterday, but I was give out when we got home.....too much fun can do that to a person :)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

My kids

This afternoon our church will be having it's Fall Festival so I'll be getting Rice Krispie Treats made and my candy together for our afternoon fun!

Most of the kids wear their costumes to the festival, so AC will have on hers! This is the first year that Colby will not be dressing.....Originally, he wanted to dress up, but when we got to the costume store, he just stood and stared. Nothing in particular jumped out at him, so we agreed no costume this year (sad that he's getting to the age that it doesn't appeal to him anymore). We trick-or-treat at family houses anyway, so we will definitely still get candy!!! If he wants to, he'll probably dress with his favorite jersey....that'll make him just as happy!!! :)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anytime. All the time.

We have access anytime to cuddles from this big guy!