Friday, July 30, 2010


Wishing we were back in this fantasy world!! We were in Daytona for about a week and a half of our two week time....Mrs. Libby is still enjoying the salty breeze, but I had to get the kids back and settled before we hit it hard starting Monday!

This was the afternoon we got there! The kids, especially Colby, look so forward to going. It doesn't take but a blink to jump right in to vacation life...
There is my dirt magnet..... we had a bow removal process right after this picture :)
The grocery store trip is always the biggest chore when we get there, so we usually go ahead and take care of that immediately! Once we got back and unpacked, we walked down to the beach to see if anything had changed since last year!!!
I'm pretty sure I heard the waves whispering they had really missed us!! :)
It takes a little bit to get used to the water.... the piggies scream a little when they first touch the water!
Al couldn't come down for several days, so grandparents had plenty of bonding time with the kids....

Kids do not understand the meaning of beach relaxation!

Colby was stuck to Papa D. like....not Elmers, but super glue! :)

*****First full beach day - yay!!!*****



Thursday, July 29, 2010


I think this has officially been the longest break ever for me! This is just a peak as to what my next several posts will be covering, because I will be taking it easy for the next few days in anticipation of another busy year!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Splash in the Boro

We squeezed in one last trip to Splash before school starts back. Colby has been begging to go again, so we talked the DeLoach's in to taking the adventure with us! This was when we first got there and they had just gotten their spray tan(block) :)

These pictures are not the best....I'm too nervous to take my good camera and since I really wanted the pictures, I took my smaller one that will fit down in my bag. Also, I'm experiencing a technology crisis so I can't edit until my computer is fixed!
This surfing ride is quite comical to watch sometimes! Watching those kids lose their boards and sail unexpectedly over the top wall is see way more moons than you care to see on a sunny day!!! :)
Aubree loves this little play area with the shallow water she can crawl around in and stand up to walk around... maybe she'll go down the little water slide next year. She tried it out once this year and will not discuss the option of doing it again!
Aubree likes to run over and stick her head into the shooting water :)

Eating....something else she like to do :)
We love going over there....the kids are soooo entertained and want to stay all day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Really bright....and hot!

I really miss the July weather we were teased with those first couple of was unbelievably nice!!! Although it was short lived, we were glad for them!

These past few days, it has been near impossible to spend too long at the time outside. I'm not sure what we are going to do once school begins and the kids have to take baths early. We have taken to the routine of going out around 7:00 and staying for a while when it cools down. Going back to our "work/school" routine is going to be nightmare(ish) for all involved! :)
Aubree has learned to swing herself fairly well once you give her the initial push.... the problem is she wants to kick back and relax while someone else pushes her, so we go rounds about the swinging sometimes. I have attempted several times to get her swinging on video, but she refuses to do it when I turn it on....typical! :) There is so much I wanted to get her on video doing - mainly saying the Pledge...that is funny stuff!! :)
We are attempting to enjoy what we have left and be thankful for our summer! I still have house things I put off until the last minute and summer vacation to enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun with clothes!

I think all kids looooove to dress up in different types of clothing. Colby will find some of Al's usually (socks, belts, etc) and add them to his outfit. It is the funniest when he rolls his pants up so you can see the entire sock!
Aubree likes belts too, but usually she finds some of Colby's clothes out of his room or on the sofa (where, sadly, clothes spend a good bit of time). I asked her how old she was just to give the picture a little added character !!! :)
In this picture she had on her pjs which happened to be this shirt, and she added Colby's bathing suit and hat!!!

This picture was completely for my entertainment!! I had plenty to do, but this was a way to procrastinate, I guess... I'm pretty sure I counted 28 bows :)

I did the same thing when she was smaller.....the bows have gotten bigger since then :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sandy fun on the 4th

On Sunday, we decided to take the kids to the beach. We figured Jekyll might be a little less crowded than SSI, so that's where we decided to try. Actually, it wasn't too bad when we got there that morning.

It was so incredibly windy that the water was pretty choppy, so we didn't let Colby get too far out (not to mention cold). It was a very nice day to sit without ever having to get in the water to cool off!
Since Aubree is now trained, I knew that bathroom(ing) was not going to be pleasant. She wants something to drink constantly or to eat half the ice from the cooler :) The one time I decided that I wasn't making another trip through that heavy sand, we have THE bathroom experience! I got Al to just hold the towel around her, and I was going to just move her bathsuit to the side and let her go really quick. We could be done before we got halfway to the bathroom AND I figured no one would even notice a two-year-old just doing that. Right?

Of course, as my luck would have it, when I pulled her bathing suit over, she strained out a number 2 on the beach!! All I could say is, "Aubree! You didn't say you had to do that!" We tried hard to keep it covered until I got it picked up (with a wipe) and I didn't look around to see who was actually looking :)

Aubree and Colby loved that freezing, dirty water. They were covered in sand from scalp to toe!!

Look at all the dirt on C's face! They were setting up for a band later at the beach and had some food, face painting, and the spider jump thing. We left as the band was preparing and we didn't want to be in the midst of the "all-dayers" kicking up their heels :)

They had funnel cakes....yum! Before we left, we got one and sat under the tree with a lemonade to share. It was soooo nice sitting under that shade tree with the breeze. I could have sat right there for a while - if I wouldn't have been so gritty and ready for a shower. :) It was a nice day and I think the kids had a good time!!

In just over a week, we'll be heading out to Daytona for more beach time!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the Eve of the 4th

This is the first of several years that we've stayed home for the 4th. I actually had fun doing different things around here for a change. It was nice to be in some peace and quiet instead of the hustle and bustle the entire weekend.
On Saturday, I took the kids swimming for the afternoon. To them, it doesn't get any better than that! Note: water was fa-fa-freezing for the month of July!! I spent next to no time in that water :)

Later that afternoon: we got ready and went to Delvis' to eat hamburgers and hot dogs with a few friends of theirs

Even though I didn't buy their shirts at the same time or even in the same place, they matched perfectly, so I had to take a snap before we left!

At Delvis/Danielle's, Aubree screamed and was obsessed with Carrington for about the first 45 minutes. She insisted on holding the baby and wanted to take her from me when I was holding her. She would not let it go. Finally, I let her sit and put Carrington in her lap which made Aubree veeeeeery happy and by the looks of Carrington, she was elated too :) Aubree had a death grip on her shoulders because I kept trying to get her back, and Aubree let me know that she had it!! She actually wanted to carry the baby around like she does her baby doll...a newborn around here would be extremely stressful with one mother and a mother want-to-be!!

After we ate and cleaned up, we headed to Reidsville to watch the fireworks. We didn't go all the way to the park because Aubree would flip with the noise, and it would have scared the baby too.

How else would Colby kill time??? Here are Madeline, Aubree, and Colby having a DS moment

Aubree hogging all the sports balls....

Delvis brought sparklers for all the kids to try while we waited on the real fireworks
Colby was loving them and couldn't get enough!

Aubree, on the other hand, was another story!! She wouldn't touch it and was the only kid that didn't want to try it! :)
Delvis and Bryson

Finally...our reason for being there!!!

Afterwards, we fought the enormous teenage population to get to the DQ for ice cream that Colby and AC wanted!! We came straight home and crashed from the big day!