Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Beachy

On Saturday, Tammy, Kylie, and I took the kids to the beach for the day. Even though it rained off and on the entire way, it was great weather at the beach. Actually, it got to be a little chilly...

I was slightly late as usual (pre-children, I used to always be on time :)), so Tammy and Kylie were waiting on us. My kids were so excited when we finally got was our first trip to the beach this year!

Aubree loved it but every step she made in the water, she wanted someone with her. She showed no fear at how far she would go as long as someone was with her....she was able to go a little farther with Tammy because I don't typically go very far in that water! That was particularly true Saturday, because the goose bumps were standing up when I got in the water :)

The kids played in the sand as much as they played in the water. Dawson was totally in to building castles that day. He used one of the girl's shovels, and he was content with digging holes most of the day...

We packed lunch and snacks for the day, and sandwiches always taste so much better at the beach - you have to bring extra!

After our day was done, we headed back to the coast to finish up the weekend

We didn't do a whole lot the next day...for some reason, I didn't notice Colby was getting a good bit of sun on his back Saturday (particularly his "love handle" area). Both of my kids were extremely tired the next day, too, so we decided to pass on going to the sandbar. Also, Aubree started with a fever around lunch time Sunday so she took medicine and they both slept for a bit.

To pacify Colby since he was not pleased that he couldn't go out in the sun on Sunday, I told him we would ride to Savannah and take him to Skukazoo and let him play while we killed some time. I forgot everything closes at 6:00 on Sunday, so we didn't have much time....AC started getting a pretty high fever again, so we made a stop for food and took it with us.

This baby walker was loads of entertainment for her when she felt well enough to play. Now, it is hard to imagine her small enough to fit in it.....

Colby has an eye check-up in Savannah tomorrow so I think she is going to load up with us. I have a feeling it might be her throat, so I'm going to try and get a sick visit with the pediatrician while we are down there. I'm not really looking forward to two doctor's appointments with two children! She is definitely not her talkative, active self when she is sick, so I'm looking forward to getting some medicine so she'll start feeling better!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friendly Reunion

Without a doubt, Colby looks forward to the days when he is out of school, and I have to work, so he can go visit Mrs. Wanna and his friends. He enjoys his new friends, but he gets really excited when some of his "old" friends come back like this past week.

It was Hannah Blocker's last 'official' day (although she'll come back for visits too). Aubree will miss her friend next year when Hannah leaves us for Pre-K!!! AND, I couldn't, for the life of me, get Aubree to participate in the picture. I have a memorable photo and my kid refused to participate of all days! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You know I love...

those soapy...




completely clean....

I'm not ready to get out...

**By the way, if you guessed she is blowing her nose in #2, you would be right...if you know Aubree, she doesn't tolerate visitors inside her nose.
Her philosophy: get them out first, then worry about a tissue! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good morning!

Each morning, on the weekends, Aubree swings Colby's shutters open and looks to see if the cows are eating their breakfast!!! Have I mentioned she LUVS the cows (and chick chicks)???

Monday, May 24, 2010

AC can whistle!

LIP whistle......

She's good at it too!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The same...

I realize these pictures look exactly the same as last weekend, but they really are different!! AC does have another bathing suit, but I've still got to get it monogrammed, and I haven't bothered to pick up any more (bathing suits for little girls are just plain expensive!)...Colby just grabs what is always on the top of the pile :)
The DeLoach's left us this weekend, but the kids were able to entertain themselves anyway! These watergun bottles are AC's source of good entertainment! She is content with playing right there at the steps.... don't really blame her, that water is still....brrrrrr
Oh man... since Colby didn't have any distractions, we practiced hard on the diving skills yesterday (well, the best I could outside the pool). I don't really see that developing any time soon since he absolutely will not let his head go in first!!! I was doing everything I could to hold the lower part of his body stationary until his top part when in, but all it turned out to be was a bunch of ...... UGHs back and forth!! Maybe Daddy can tackle that this summer! :)

It was a fun time until the clouds tricked us into thinking rain was on the way!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Church recognition

Last Sunday night, the church had the recognition of graduates which includes kindergarten, 5th, 8th, high school, and college. They all march in one by one to Pomp and Circumstance! It hurts my head to realize that it won't be long when I'll be hearing that song for real complete with a cap and gown!

We are missing quite a few of the older age group. Here are Bro. Rick, Mr. Lee (youth pastor) and Heather, the college grad, with the proud kindergarten kids that came to get their certificate and listen to the graduation message :) Abby, D.J., Colby, Conner, and Peyton.

Looking this pic, I realize how tall Colby really is...D.J. on the left and Conner on the right are going to be 7 this summer and Colby is almost taller than they are :)
All the children had to bring a statement mentioning anything from what they wanted to do when they grow up to exciting plans for the summer. Bro. Lee read each one during the ceremony. I attempted to go the "what do you want to be when you grow up" route, but that was a 10 minute ordeal - discussion, I mean- that led to nowhere! SOOOO, I resorted to "just tell me what you really like and want to have one day" route. THAT led to THIS...... :)
That is what cousins can do for you!! They can help you dream big!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Today was Colby's last day of school and his award's ceremony. Before the kindergarten awards, we met in the classroom for a class slide show and then presentation of their diplomas.

We headed to the gym to wait for all the classes to be seated

Took a pic while we waited... thankfully, we were able to wait in peace since Tammy kept Aubree with her during the awards. In hind sight, I'm glad I didn't even attempt!

The songs were very cute, and it was fun to watch all the kids do their thing! I have to say, all the kids were extremely well behaved....not the behavior you would expect from kids on the LAST DAY! :)
Colby received his YAC award
And his Accelerated Reader Award
Colby is looking soooo forward to the first grade! He kept saying, "I'm in first grade, now!" Hopefully, his favorite color will NOT be red in first grade! :)
Had to get a duo shot of DD and AC

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Takin' a swim...

The water is still really cold for me! I only made it as far as my knees and had to come back out. It's that time of the year where the kids ask me almost daily to go swimming AND the more Colby goes, the more he wants to go! So yesterday, we went over to the DeLoach's to hang out....and swim!
This was about as long as Aubree stayed in the float. Just like the carseat, it's much too confining!

For the most part, Colby still does as well as he did last year. I wish he could learn to dive (without looking like a frog) and swim a good distance under the water (he still dog paddles way too much).
It took some time for Aubree to realize (and accept) the fact that she can't just walk down the steps and right into the pool like the boys were doing. I also had to wrestle her back from the ladder on the deep end, at one point, because the boys were over there playing, and she wanted over there too!

Aubree and Little Man were sharing some chips...