Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm just over a week late with this post, but last weekend, Al took Colby to Mr. Bill's (Tara's dad) fishing. I think Colby had a really good time reeling in a few fish! Al said Colby was particularly impressed with Dumpy (the dog), because he would retrieve the stick that Colby threw every time! I can tell you that was Colby's first experience with a dog like that!! :)

Mr. Bill even took some pictures and emailed them to me..... I didn't even ask :)

Love the finger pose....don't know what's with that! That isn't the look of a born fisherman :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday ball playing...

Coach Daddy & Colby

You can tell he LOVES rounding the bases!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I will be soooo happy when the loud alarm doesn't have to wake up
this little man ~or~
this sleeping beauty

their poor ole' mama!

When I get ready to leave Aubree in the mornings at Mrs. Wanna's, she has been telling AC, "poor ole' mama has to go to work". NOW....Aubree has begun saying it when I leave her in the mornings. Also, she says it at night when I kiss her goodnight in the crib. When I give her a kiss, she says, "poor ole mama, gotta work!"

I hope that girl catches on to reading, writing, and arithmetic like she does everything else (except pottying)!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Every opportunity...

to look at cows!!

Yeah! There is no privacy in this house either!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break ~ Friday

I realized on Thursday that I was way past due on an oil change, so Friday we three headed over to Claxton to have it seen about. Since we were going to be halfway to Statesboro, I decided we would grab some lunch afterwards and head to Statesboro and still be back in time for Aubree to have a brief nap.....

That was the plan - and I always have a plan! :)
Before we left, I took some pics (in a hurry). Naturally, the oil change lasted a little longer than anticipated and the mexican restaurant in Claxton was serving the lunch rush so we were pushed way back in time!!

Anyway, I was a little flustered after listening to them bicker at each other the majority of the morning, so I wasn't up for more!! I have to say (again) that Aubree hounds the stew out of Colby.... While in the playroom at NeSmith, she would take or move whatever he was playing with! He'd raise his voice at her in frustration, and AC would say, "I gone tell (and then she would come out where people were trying to read or sit in peace) Mama!! DD is....." UGH! One lady finally said, "wait until they are teenagers!"

It hurts my head to even think teenager!
So our Friday trip ended in Claxton...maybe, I can get some shopping time in soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Al's first cousin decided to answer a calling for which he felt a passion. Delvis Dutton is a Republican candidate for Georgia State House of Representatives, District 166 (Tattnall, Evans, and part of Liberty) to replace Rep. Terry Barnard in southeast Georgia. He is a Christian, family man, small business owner, farmer, avid outdoorsman, and strong conservative. His wife, Danielle, teaches elementary school in Long County, and they have two children, Bryson and Carrington.

Many of you know Delvis but may not know how his Chritsian faith got him to this point. He told Al that it seemed every sermon or revival he attended, the message was aimed at him. Delvis felt he had to answer the Lord's calling. Mr. Joe Eason (Pinewood) is not only Delvis' pastor, friend, and mentor, but also his campaign chairman. Many people will agree that Joe Eason has positively impacted so many lives. Delvis has asked Al to be his Grassroots Coordinator, which he agreed to because of their similiar political views. If you would like to support Delvis in his election bid or talk with him about issues you have with State Government give Delvis or Al a call and keep checking our blog for updates on Delvis' campaign. As always, please keep Delvis and his family in your prayers....

Spring Break ~ Thursday

Since today was house cleaning day (yea!), I had to get out of the house for a bit. Kylie met us at the park for some play time (in the tornado winds)! For some reason, the wind at the park is always 2x as much as anywhere else!

I couldn't get Bailey to pose with them....she ran at the movement of a camera! We had planned on eating there too, but there were dirt and things from trees blowing everywhere; that would have been a disaster waiting to happen!

Instead, we all headed back to McDonald's to let them eat and play some more... my kids could care less where they play as long as they get to play! :)

If there is one thing we've accomplished over spring break - it's PLAY!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break ~ Wednesday

For some reason, I was worn completely out today! Even though we stayed around here today, it will take it out of you trying to entertain children while attempting to cook and get a little housework done (I did get both of their closets cleaned which was a goal for the break...that and cleaning the inside of my! Since the weather has been nice, I've been trying to let them do as much as possible outside - being outside is all Aubree can think about. It is easier with Colby, because he can spend some time outside without me, but whenever she goes, I have to be there too!

Aubree enjoys riding her jeep, but it is hard for her to turn the wheel just yet. I try to keep it situated far to one side, so she just makes wide circles...that way I don't have to keep chasing her and steering her around the yard! :)

Black Dog should have gotten a belly full today....Aubree kept hand feeding her the dog food! Finally, BD went to her bowl and ate it all.....I guess she was ready for Aubree to leave her alone! :)

Went it was mail time, we took a stroll down the hill to grab the bills from the mailbox. I made Colby hold on to her, because I'm nervous about her stepping in the road...even though we live on a dirt road, people go crazy speeds through here!

Whenever I get the mail, AC must have a piece....always! If we ever get a notice saying they didn't receive a payment for a bill, I can always tell them my kid ate it! Naw, I have to be sure I give her a piece of "junk" because she usually demolishes it!
I think she found a bird in the tree...

That dog gets more kid love than she knows what to do with!
Before AC's nap, I decided we would grab an ice cream from the DQ. We have tons of those coupons for free treats that come on the kid's meal bags. Of course, Colby didn't want the free ice cream today, he wanted an Oreo Blizzard!

This week is going by so fast...guess we'll enjoy what's left of it!

Yesterday at lunch, Tammy and I let the kids eat and play for a bit at McDonald's. The kids had a fun time... Colby has been wanting to play out there since January! It was nice sitting in the shade and watching them while drinking my sweet tea!

One of Colby's friends from his class even came by for some play time, too

We had to run to Claxton yesterday after lunch, and on the way back, Aubree got to see her cows since they were hugging the shade trees. Since I had my camera.....
Aubree's window was down and she was yelling, "Hey cows, look at picture!"

This was last night after her bath which is one of my favorite times.....I love the sweet way they look and smell! It is a routine to eat grapes after her bath!

Colby had his first baseball game last night.....Aubree invited herself into the picture :)

It is Colby's first year on the pitching machine, and he is doing soooo well!!! He seems to be enjoying it...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny's goodies....

First Barbie and third doll stroller since Christmas! For now, I have made it known that no behinds (except baby doll's) sit in this one!

Before church.....

Dawson told Tammy that Aubree looked like Cinderella!!