Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got Chicken??

If there is one thing we know's chicken - chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken salad, chicken IN a salad, BBQ chicken, fried chicken, etc.....

One of my particular favorites is the kind they pass through the drive-thru window!! Notice AC's fries over to the side as not to disturb her ketchup space!

Wednesday is the most hectic day of the week, so the McDonald's drive-thru sees us every Wednesday.....but not limited to Wednesday!! :)

That is the one day of the week that I get my large sweet tea without fail...but not limited to Wednesdays :)

Aubree was especially enjoying her supper tonight... she didn't move a muscle until every nugget and fry were gone! Then, she screamed for more chicken, but Colby wouldn't share :)

It didn't bother her for too long....she just did what she knows - she came and ate some of my salad with crispy chicken and ranch...

After that, it was rush for baths

And Colby and Al were off to church! Looking forward to our Spring Break!!! If you are on break now...hope you are enjoying your WARM time off!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Never too Young...

to learn how to style your own hair!

Ladies aren't satisfied unless they are the ones doing it themselves, right??? :) Aubree doesn't play with toys a whole lot at home....things like this are her source of entertainment!
I have to make sure it is set on "cool" air so she won't burn her hair! :)
Our life with Aubree Cate!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pigtails and Pudding

As we were about to get into the bathtub, I decided to see what Aubree would look like this year with pigtails. Last year, she couldn't wear them because her hair wasn't thick enough or long enough.

I still keep her hair cut short, so I wasn't expecting it to even look this long....the only problem is that she still has a good bit that falls down in the back, but I think it'll be okay for really hot days and playing at the pool! Pretty cute girl, huh? :)

When I took her picture, Aubree decided she wanted to eat the rest of the pudding she left at supper.

So I just kept wasn't like I was disturbing her eating!
Speaking of eating... Aubree is going through a phase, I guess, which means she might eat a meal or two and then not eat the next few meals. She doesn't look malnourished, but it sure is frustrating when I hear "I'm done!" about two minutes after I sit her plate down! Guess that is why they make vitamins!! :)
She isn't a great big vegetable eater...well, not really much of one at all, so I'm trying to get her used to more fruit! She'll eat a little bit of Colby's pear or apple when he has one and is trying to tolerate a banana! She always says she wants one, but then rakes her teeth across it because she doesn't want a whole bite in her mouth. Then, it becomes pretty mushy, and I just throw it away :)
I think Aubree and I are going to try a little shopping in Savannah after school today to finish up for Easter... that should be loads of fun! I reeeeally hope she grows to love shopping like I do.... I want her to take many trips with her mama and Tia! It'll be okay if she doesn't, her Daddy will just have one extra child to help with the cows and chickens! :) Maybe I'll just say if she wants a pair of Georgia boots for the chicken house, she'll have to go shopping!! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unspoken words

Yeah, yeah, hug, hug.......just don't block my view while I'm playing Wii Batman!! I have to get plenty of these, so I can remind Colby of the little sister love one day when he gets mad because AC has.....uummm.......beat up his mean girlfriend or something!! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sickness & Nice Try...

First, let me say.....couldn't you just eat that cuteness up???
After school today, we headed to the doctor's office again! Colby was due for his allergy shot, and Aubree is still fighting to clear up extreme congestion that has rocked on for nearly a month. After two back-to-back rounds of antibiotics, she now has a really bad case of bronchitis. It is puzzling why her body is going against the antibiotics, particularly the last one which was fairly strong. It is going to lead to a trip to the allergist for her too, I suppose! Anyway, with nearly a month of coughing and congestion, I was ready for anything to clear her up. I asked Dr. Thompson about a shot, and he smiled saying it would definitely speed things up if that was what I wanted! That is absolutely what I wanted!! I was worried the round three of antibiotics would still leave her snotty, so anything extra was greatly appreciated! The doctor walked out and in came THREE nurses...ummm, we've done this before and she isn't going to be THAT bad :) There were two shots (since she is little), so one nurse got on each cheek and one stood witness! :) She had a blue bandaid on each cheek!!!

I have to tell was soooo funny when we were walking out of the patient room, and she was rubbing her behind! Dr. Thompson looked back and saw her rubbing and nearly fell over laughing....we walked out the door and she was saying, "my hiney". :) We got home and she had to tell Tia about her doctor visit!!

She carried on with her usual bouncing here and there routine while Colby got busy with his homework..

LATER.... she comes from Colby's room with his suitcase that she likes to roll around, stopped at the back door, slipped on his tennis shoes, and was heading out! I ran to get the camera and then..."Where do you think you are going, Aubree?"

"See cows!"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bluff Parade

We decided to spend the weekend at the coast for the St. Patrick's parade at Shellman. You couldn't beat the weather on Saturday; it was perfect for a parade! I was worried the sand gnats would be horrible, but during the middle part of the day, it was actually okay because of the breeze. The kids were extremely excited about the parade....well, mainly the candy! Caroline, Thomas, Dawson, Preston, and Colby waited patiently.

Aubree loved it too, especially once she found that sucker she is holding!

That was a yummy, sticky sucker!!

Colby and Dawson loved the beads, but Aubree had one pair that she had on before the parade and that was all she wanted! Anytime someone headed in her direction with a strand, she flipped!

Once the parade was over, and we were back for a siesta, Aubree put more on....on her own terms!! :) While she slept, Al and Colby went to the festival (no pictures). They stood in line 45 minutes for the mechanical bull, and Colby chickened out once he was up there....ugh! Al did stand in line with him again for the bungy activity, which he did do....he was warned it wouldn't be a good idea to back out twice :) Wish I had a picture, because Al said the expression on his face told it all!
It was A LOT crowded and A LOT loud there, so we are glad to be back in the peace and quiet! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Furlough Spending

For the second year, Dell and I have taken a day and gone to St. Simons to the Bailey Boys warehouse....I love that store! Since I hound Dell about going with me, she is good about going even though she has regular visits to St. Simon's. This was taken before the excursion that I knew she wouldn't like as much as me! :)

One of my favorite signs!

Dell was really great about helping me with Aubree while we were in there. They have a play section, so Aubree made herself at home, and she loved the play area. Of course, a trip wouldn't be complete without also visiting their bathroom, because you know she has that obsession! Dell and I also went to eat, but I didn't even get a picture there......just imagine! lol

As I have mentioned, Aubree is a terrible car rider and today was no exception. She did okay on the way there, but was extremely sleepy for the ride home and she wouldn't settle down and sleep.

Once we got home, Colby stayed outside (who could blame him with this weather) and played for a bit before riding with Al to check cows...

I did let her take a brief nap when we got home because I knew we wouldn't make it until bedtime!

See those lovely grass stains on his jeans :)
For almost an hour straight this is what she did! She cried for her passy, but I didn't cave because I knew that getting her down to only bedtime would be shot if I gave in this time... I have to tell you routine is a wonderful thing, and there are times that they have to miss being on it so you can actually leave home and get things done, but a routine is a beautiful thing, and I am the type of person that tries to stay on it!!!Thanks Dell for the trip.....we had a great time, and I FOUND AN EASTER DRESS FOR HER....yay!!!! I look forward to next year's trip :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, it isn't much, but it's something we have worked on. She was more interested in looking at the camera that is why it was over pretty quick!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best Practices 2010

This year, Amy and I marked our 10 year trip to the annual speech convention. Over the years, we made trips to Savannah, Macon, and Atlanta. I'm pretty sure the remaining years will be spent driving to Atlanta because the conventions in southeast GA do not profit as much as in the Atlanta area! We have some funny stories, and they mainly relate to the driving since neither of us are able to make a trip straight to the hotel without a wrong turn! I don't think we've ever been to Atlanta that we didn't get turned around at some point :) Not counting the sitting and listening all day, we have fun going over to the mall, eating, and ALWAYS getting a dessert from The Cheesecake Factory...we had another safe trip there and back so we are thankful!

Colby was waiting for me last night, but Aubree had to retire before we made it. I woke up this morning around 7:00 to her yelling, "Maaaaaama. Mama? Here Mama. My socks!" All in all, Amy and I look forward to our time every year, and we are glad that we have husbands and grammys that help see about the kids! We appreciate it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meals on Guard

This is the way the majority of our meals go around here. When Aubree gets finished eating, she gets down and hurries to a vacant seat (usually that happens to be next to me) to yell, "a bite, Mama!" Unnerving part? She will leave half of her food just to come and stalk someone else!! It is nearly impossible to enjoy a quiet meal; you just eat quickly as you can while it is still yours!:) I've started making her sit back in her highchair some, but she screams to get out and begins throwing bits of food one by one, her fork, or her cup until someone lets her out!!
Follow our Saturday lunch story (yeah, she is still in her p.j.s).......
AC: I want cheese, DD!! I want some...

Colby hasn't quite learned to be on Aubree guard just yet!!
Me: Aubree if you are going to take his food, you should at least say thank you.......

AC: Thank you, DD......

Colby: Yeah Aubree are supposed to say thank you!

Friday, March 5, 2010


In grown-up language, that's scrub! She wrestles my hands every night to get me away from her hair so she can shampoo, so once I have it distributed through her hair and have done a little scrubbing of my own, I pretty much let her do it! Hopefully, she'll be bathing solo by three :) Isn't that a wonderful dream!

After she has "fwubbed", she spreads the shampoo on her legs, face, etc.

AND FINALLY........ a creepy little bath picture to end the night!! :)