Sunday, January 31, 2010

Colby's Birthday Weekend

We put off making decisions on Colby's birthday as long as we could.....we hoped the weather would come around and we might possibly be able to have something outside! When we realized it was going to be more rain, Colby agreed on having cake/ice cream at the house with a DeLoach sleepover afterwards. The next morning we took them all to Savannah to play at Chuck E. Cheese for a bit!

He had a football themed party - W. Householder made the cake, and it was soooo good! I wish I had gotten her to make Aubree's... :)

Most of the conversations centered around politics - that's why you don't see the kids! :) Look at Aubree :)

No one would let Aubree get her hands on a present, so she had to settle for a card!
After baths, it was popcorn and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I couldn't go and not play Ski Ball too! It was my favorite back in Showbiz day! :)

January is one busy month, but I'm done for an entire year! :)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my very first cutie!!
I'm pretty sure he had a great day.... since we've been home, I've heard (the song?) I. am. siiiix. I. am. siiiix. :)

I'm really too tired to go much beyond a 'happy birthday'. Probably because I've slaved on these cute cupcakes that he is taking to school tomorrow! ha


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Birthday Eve....

Gracious alive!
We're saying goodbye to number 5!
Through the night, as his clock ticks,
Colby moves closer to birthday 6!


Monday, January 25, 2010



Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Four-Year Routine

For the past several years, we have gone to an allergist about every 6-9 months. Colby has had numerous allergy tests and, basically, he is allergic to every season. He has mold, dust, pollen, certain types of grass allergies, etc (not to mention the peanut allergy). For these reasons, he takes daily medicine to help control the symptoms. Because of the severity of his allergies, Colby was a candidate for allergy shots in an attempt to do away with his symptoms and ween him off medication completely. The procedure will take him four years to complete; the first 16 months are going to be the hardest because he will have to get 2 shots every week! We have completed week 2......his first time was a very discouraging experience, and I thought I made a mistake by choosing shots - he cried and had a fit in the doctor's office! I was dreading the second time, but tried to explain that if he would relax AND NOT LOOK that he wouldn't feel anything except the nurse touching his arm. Ahhh, that worked much better! He said, "You're right, Mama, it didn't hurt.....I think it was because you kept your hand on my arm." :) The fact that he was bribed with a prize in return for NO TEARS probably didn't hurt either! When all is said and done, I will have a boy turning 10 years old!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Love

I hope she is on the mend from the sickness.....she had a good night and no fever so far today. We are sooooo ready for everything to return to normal!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's called..... "I'll show you how to do it!" (since Mama's not in here)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Dual Dentist Day!

Today, both children had dentist appointments in Statesboro. Of course, it was just a check-up for Colby, but it was Aubree's initial visit! How......exciting?? :)
Here we are before leaving. Colby spent the night with Mrs. Libby, so he missed our group photo :)

When it was her turn, Dr. Wasdin asked if she wanted to sit in the chair like Colby. It didn't take her but a second to tell him "no!" Instead, she just sat in my chair and put her head straight back into his lap so he could take a look. Aubree wasn't happy, but it was over pretty quick - no cavities for either one. My primary concern that I wanted him to see was her bite. She only has a tiny little overbite and that seems to have come only recently. Aubree used to have teeth that met perfectly in the front with no overbite at all. He said the overbite will probably continue to improve as we scale down with the PACIFIER! Aubree already does really well at the sitter's by only getting it during nap. We worked on that this weekend and it was MUCH easier than I thought! Only one crying spell a day that was over fairly quickly....she didn't even ask for it in the car ride to Statesboro or back - that's progress! She does, however, still expect it at bedtime which is just fine for now!
Isn't that the way it always is when you go to the dentist? You run right home and put some sugar in your mouth! Oh, almost forgot....I was asking about permanent teeth (which I do every time we go) because I'm obsessed with teeth, and that's just what I always notice about people! :) Dr. Wasdin said, "oh, you know he has two loose teeth on the bottom?" What? No, I didn't know that! I had just checked on that about two weeks ago. I already have a child old enough to lose my opinion, he JUST got those teeth!! :)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aubree's birthday party

I thought I would be a little quicker getting this going, but it was an extremely busy week and once this party was over last night......I was done! AC was supposed to have her 2 year check on Friday, but I had to reschedule it so we will be taking care of that next Friday :)
Her birthday party was Saturday night with family. We ordered BBQ and had a few sides. All the food was very good....I guess we think so, since Al and I have eaten BBQ for three meals in a row! I think we've reached our limit!
For the party, I decided to make her a simple birthday banner.....I didn't have time to work on it the entire week, so Friday night once everyone went to Dreamland, I went to work!

I couldn't believe how decent it turned out cosidering it was completely Tracy No-Talent! Even the bows looked ok if you didn't stare at them too long :)
That night, I even decided to try the paper pom-poms that Kelly's Korner referred to....they are super easy, you just need a recliner during the "fluffing period"!
I finished with the banner and pom-poms around 1:00 that morning and had them hanging.....Aubree walked in Saturday morning and yelled, "ooooh, tute!" It made me smile that she liked it. Then, Colby came later and said, "oh my goodness, what did you do?!?"......I took them both as compliments - as long as they were pleased, right?
Minnie and Mickey were towering over her distraction and she loved it!! I didn't get a picture, but she was attempting to eat with one hand and tuck a balloon under the other arm while she was in her chair.

Her cake! Nothing fancy, but it got the job done :)

Present time! Opening presents is like riding a bike - you never forget :)

She needed a little help :)

"Here Mama, trash"... We had a fun time! Seems crazy, but I'll be sharing her three-year pictures before I know it!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Rise and shine!!!
It's YOUR day, big girl....and it's going to be a GREAT day!!

On this day, 2 years ago, you came like lightning into this world, and you are STILL at lightning speed!! :) You were the prettiest little newborn baby girl I had ever seen and I couldn't believe that we had made YOU!
I have a feeling that you have a lot planned for us this second year.........WE ARE READY! WE LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the Eve......

of AC's birthday, Mrs. Wanna had a birthday party for her this afternoon (Colby and I have to go to Savannah tomorrow)! She was able to devour a cupcake, ice cream, and chips... yum!

As you can see, AC was enjoying herself!
A few of her favorites....Emma, John McLean, and Charlie
AC with another friend, Hannah!

Aubree opening her present from Mrs. Wanna...looks like she loved it!! BTW, that needing-to-be-cut-hair got it this afternoon. You can see when you go on down :)
For some reason, Colby said a couple of times today that he didn't want Aubree to be 2, he wants her to be zero again! I reminded him that "zero" children just lay, eat, and cry :)...... he never would tell me why he said that, he just nodded! Maybe Aubree is starting to crowd his personal space a little too much :)

But how sweet!

See the hair......I think it is much better!