Saturday, October 31, 2009

Go Red and Black!!

Susan gave me this cute dress (it would have been way cuter with the GA turtleneck, but 80 degrees?) Anyway, what will today hold?? We don't know yet, but AC is reeeeeady!!

Where is the Dawg?

This isn't exactly a cheerleader pose.....maybe I should ask: cheerleader or football player?? Never mind, don't answer that :)



Friday, October 30, 2009

Make Mama Proud!

This has been one crazy week to say the least, so I'm a few days behind on the post. I want to have posts of some of the kids' achievements at school, so they can look back one day and see a few things that made me proud! Since this is Colby's first year with "the real deal", I'm learning some of his strengths and weakness and I want to make note......
He has mastered all kindergarten sight words plus the extra words that it takes to begin the AR program in Glennville. Before he began the process, his teacher administered the STAR test for a reading achievement score. When I got his score with this note, I was one happy mama!

He scored as an average reader for first grade! Reading is something that he loves to do, and I'm so thankful for that (I wished he loved to stop talking and pay attention that much!). I'm very happy with his score, but it doesn't matter what it is as long as he is living up to his potential!

This was his first AR book AND he scored a 100 :)

How's my little lady doing these days??? She's learning to sing the alphabet song with a missed letter here and there. Aubree is doing fairy well for a one-year-old with counting to 10. She does the best when I say a number and she says the next number.....that way, she is less likely to skip numbers. It is the funniest thing to hear her sing "Deep and Wide"!! Other than that, she is living up to her motto......."I gotta be me!" Have a restful weekend!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Bottom of the Box!

We hadn't been home very long today, so I was standing in the kitchen looking through Colby's folder when I heard, *BLOP*......"Mommy!!!". It was the voice of AC that had found something already to get in to. I walked around the corner and.......

I had put this empty diaper box beside the door for the next trip outside. I suppose the flaps were in the closed position on top which made it look like it could support all she had herself a seat!!!
She couldn't get enough leverage to maneuver at all, so she was at my mercy!! After the funny wore off, I let her out :)

We eventually made our way to the chair for some artwork, so I could keep an eye on her. Maybe if I start her early, she can latch on to some talent that managed to fly right by me!! :)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Which one is cuter? PART 2

The raccoon hat or the little boy wearing it???
Mama and Daddy got this beauty when they took a trip to Kentucky and stopped by Daniel Boone's Fort. We went during a family vacation many moons ago, but never did I figure I would have a child sporting an accessory from there one day! Actually, ALL the boys have one to decorate their heads! Some people might actually think Dawson was capable of making his own :) Hey, Dell....I know you love this post! First, you see pics of Thomas holding up a deer, now they all wear coon hats! You have to love country life :)

......Definitely the little boy wearing it!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Which one is cuter?

Tia's scarf or the girl wearing it? It might be a toss up for Tammy since she loves her orange so much, but for me.....piece of cake!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tiny Hands & Tiny Feet


HANDS AND.........


These are the hands that hug me and the feet that run to meet me every day!!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Festival

We went out in the 50 something degree weather to our Fall Festival at church on Saturday. Of course, the children didn't seem to mind, but it was way cold for the really little ones to be outside that day... and me! First, a little modeling before we go.....

Colby's final costume choice ended up being Batman.... we looked for the black Batman but couldn't find one in his size, so he said the blue would be just fine! I offered to try and look on-line but he wanted a costume the day we went shopping, so blue it was!!

Looks like he could save the day, huh?

Boy costumes are sooo much easier, for sure! AC decided she wanted to wear a cute tutu with a some type of big head piece as a statement!! hehe I got the tutu made on Etsy and found another seller to make the spider head piece (THAT is a long, aggravating story about trying to get that head band here.... on time and I won't have that issue with them anymore). Anyway, I happen to find the shirt in Osh Kosh and it was a perfect match to the outfit!
Aubree did sooo much better with this outfit than I thought.....this is definitely not her kind of thing, so I put the tutu on her several times working up to the big wear! Every time I put it on, she would try and yank it off......too much fluff for my tomgirl! All in all, she kept on the tutu and spider without hassle!!! In Mama's opinion, it doesn't get much cuter!

Aren't these the cutest Halloweeners you've ever seen???

First on the agenda at church was to complete a little craft....

Then, time for a little cake walking! Colby won some cupcakes and a little Debbie snack :)
Finally, what the kids were all waiting be turned loose outside! Bring on the games!!

Colby did great with the basketball game!! I think maybe we might have to switch sports when he is a little older.... bless him, don't know if soccer is his calling! :)

AC was taking it all in UNTIL it became really cold and most all babies retreated to warmth!

We really had a great time, our youth pastor is so great with children and tries to do fun things for them often! As much fun as it was, it will just wear you out bouncing back and forth between two children doing completely opposite things! I didn't take many pictures....this was as much as I could manage! :)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Our 10th Anniversary!


We prepared for the big day by inviting all of our family and friends.....

This was one of my favorite pictures from that day because it showed the sunlight from the window and the flowers. My favorite thing about the wedding was my flowers! I loved all the bright fall colors, and I still wouldn't change a thing about them!! However, I nearly turned sick when I walked in to the church that day to put my dress for pictures and found bucket after bucket of flowers and stems.....and stuff everywhere in the sanctuary! Mrs. Janet said not to worry, but I did!!! In the end, it was all decorated just as wonderful as she is used to, and she even made it home in time to dress and get back to direct the wedding!! People wouldn't know what to do without Janet Pirkle advice....... :)

Four and a half years later in January 2004, our family of 2 became 3!!

Another 4 years later in January 2008......we expanded to 4! Notice I did all the painful work AND I'm taking the pictures! lol

Easter 2009

I am thankful for my husband of 10 years and the family we have grown to be!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Black & White

I can't go for very long without posting the black/white pictures! I really don't have the time to be blogging at all tonight, but... I brought a stack of work home to try and at least be able to tread water (even if I complete all the work I brought, I won't be caught up) :) On top of all that, I'm trying to get everything ready and somewhat straight for the lady that helps me clean. I don't want her to THINK we actually live like pigs! I did multitask while doing this... I folded a load of towels while pics were loading in between! That's good, huh?


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colby's First Real Grades

We are sooo proud!!! I think he gets it from me!! :)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Best & More

I wasn't going to take a pic today, because we were running pretty late this morning. When we got home from church, I thought I might as well, so AC is without shoes, and they, a little crumpled. I have decided there must be something about a camera that sends Colby into a daze! :)

Tammy and I had toddler nursery duty today, so I took a few pics of Aubree's church friends. They are hungry gals by 11:00, so they are snacking on some animal crackers. The cuties: Joanna, Caroline, Aubree (that's my cutie), and Ava.
With one boy that decided he wouldn't join the all girl table for his crackers! Michael is so quiet and content, you barely know he's there!