Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Colby began his second year of soccer this week. This year we are Galaxy and decked in orange! They are easy to spot....

Al said shirts were given and the children didn't have shirt choices...so I was surprised when Colby got the same number he had last year in soccer!
The kids seem to be having a good time....the only problem is that there are soooo many of them. It would seem more beneficial to play only a handful at the time so everyone has more of an opportunity at the ball....

It is so funny to watch them! There are so many after the ball that they fall all over each other because they get tripped up in all the feet!! Because of all the feet going all over the place, when you go down, you've got to be quick to get back up! :)

This was Monday night's game when we actually won........Tuesday night did not show the same story!

Tonight's game we played against the team Tara's little Greg is on........ at one point during the game, Colby came to the fence and yelled, "Mama! We can't beat the blue team!" It was quite funny; he said it loud enough for everyone around him to hear!! :)

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

NeSmith Truck Rally

Since they were having a (free) monster truck show, we loaded up this morning and headed to Claxton to check out the entertainment. It would seem as though we are getting some cooler temperatures until you spend time on asphalt!! We made use of our time and moved on quickly! The only thing we missed was the car crushing..... they were not doing that until a little later and nap called for the little girl!

The was one enormous truck... Thomas, Dawson, Parker, and Mia all piled on for a picture.

Then, it was Colby and Aubree's turn. A little too risky to put Aubree up there.....

The kids even fit nicely inside those tires!

Of course, they loved the inflatable slide!

Aubree watches the kids have fun on the slide...

When we had all the sweat we could stand, we walked over to Harry's for some yuuuumy food!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My thought for the day....

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Colby's Bedtime Prayer

You know how kids can go on and on during their prayers?? Well, Colby used to name person after person......family, teachers, friends, the dog, etc. Depending on who tucked him in at night, we would insert additional things like food or health, and Al always made sure he prayed for rain. Colby eventually condensed it into his own version which he has prayed every night for some time.....
"Thank you for my blessings, my food, send lots of rain.......Amen"
On occasion, he will add at the end "and please don't let me have any dreams". :)

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleep Patterns

Colby has never had one particular item that he attached to - he is more of a snuggler and would much rather have a real person with him! He did get rocked every single night and sometimes several times during the night for the first year. I saw that birthday as the time to do something different. He did try every chance he could for one of us to rock him and when he went to a big bed, he would beg (and still does occasionally) for someone to lay down with him. I remember rocking him occasionally when I was pregnant until it hurt too bad for him to put pressure on my stomach. Colby has been snuggling with these two blue bears for 6 months or so........it was my attempt for him to be less dependent on us to go to sleep and possibly not come to our bed in the middle of the night (middle of the night is not nipped yet) :) I didn't know if it would go over well, because he has never liked or played with stuffed animals. He was open to the idea, so his routine every night after book and prayers is to line them up just so, then cover them, and next wrap his arm around them and scoop them into his chest! It's funny to see if I can mix up the type-A and just toss them and cut the light......nope, "wait, mama!", he yells.

Aubree Cate has always gone to bed on her own since she never wanted to be rocked or snuggle. Since she would lay in the bed until she fell asleep, I usually kept a few things in there until she got attached to that white bunny you see frequently in the pictures. She LOVES stuffed animals, so there are many that she wants in the bed every night to root around with before falling asleep. I usually move a few before I go to bed, because........well you can see why :) The must have animals are the bunny, Minnie, and big Mickey.

The kids' sleeping habits could not be more different, but one thing is the same.....they are both just as sweet as can be when they sleep!!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

My favorite....

LitTle GiRl EveR!

I have several pictures that are sooo different, but all certainly reflect her! I couldn't let any of them go without sharing :)
This scenario just happened last night amidst all the germ madness. She had JUST walked from the bathroom after her bath, and I was still in there straightening up when I heard her scream one of those screams that you just know! I took off and met her halfway in the hall and here was my freshly bathed, sweet smelling girl.......

She was screaming because she couldn't hardly get her eyes opened from all the CORNSTARCH she had justed spilled all over her and her carpet. I keep some in a small tuperware bowl for when she gets a diaper rash. She got the lid off and when she did, I suppose it flew all in her face!! teehee:) You can't even see the green and pink flowers on the front of her pjs. Al asked if I took a picture when he came in there to help me.......I assured him yes, because I knew there would be humor LATER! :)

Diego has become Aubree's bathtub friend. He usually has to listen to a conversation......he probably thinks, "where is the English?" It is so funny to listen to her carry on with Diego. Poor thing sometimes gets scrubbed with the wash cloth, too! :)

"I'm thinking Diego deserves a kiss!!!"

If he is lucky, he gets the famous Aubree Cate dog lick, I mean kiss :)

Monogrammed bloomers are the cutest....

This would be much cuter if the outlet wasn't in the background!

I really do love this picture....... isn't that the sweetest?

I REALLY love this one even more....there is just one small problem :)

These are just a few of the things that make her our favorite little girl!!!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recommended Listening....

I follow Kelly's Korner regularly, which I got from Heidi, and today I read her blog that was linked to a Christian site with a speaker named Ann Kiemel. She tells her heartbreaking story to motherhood, and it is a must listen to........ (with tissue, of course). I know several have started following her blog, but I wanted those that don't to have the chance to hear how blessed we are. It takes 15-20 minutes to listen but it's worth it! Hope you are enjoying your day....


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Monday, September 14, 2009

First Soccer Practice

They just kicked the ball around last night during practice, but Colby seems to think he'll like it. He played last year, but was still slightly too young to be playing, so I can see a difference just in his kicking. We will see what the games actually bring.....

Look at that belly! I took a grilled cheese for AC to eat, so maybe that is what's making it look so round :)

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Number 82

Today we had Grandma's 82nd birthday celebration. We had just a middle afternoon ice-cream cake and chips party while the kids enjoyed swimming in the icy water (I don't know really, I didn't put my big toe in it this time)!
Look at Daw's expression.....one of the girls is catching the what-for!

It was a peppy crowd this Sunday afternoon :)

Daddy watching the kids swim...

Happy Birthday to Grandma S.
And here is the picture from the beach....framed and ready to hang!

Today was also Grandparents Day......what a blessing!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a Hard Life.....


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Friday, September 11, 2009

In recognition...

Colby was asked to dress in red/white/blue in honor of 9/11, so Aubree and I decided we would too!

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