Monday, August 31, 2009

In Preparation......

for Christmas.....can you believe it?? Aubree got this cute, white sweater from Bailey Boys all because Dell saw it and thought Aubree was sweet enough to wear it for Christmas! It is a perfect sweater because it is thin enough that it will be great for inside wear as well. Now for some red pants or skirt with a big bow to match and she'll be cute as can be....

When Dell told me about the present she bought for us and described this dress, I asked her to grab this one for me. Now I'll have to take it for monogramming.....hopefully, all the dangling balls will still be on the outfit after Christmas!


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Friday, August 28, 2009

5 year portraits

Here are a few pictures from Colby's portraits this summer at LaRita's. I think they turned out really well, I just have to decide which pose I want him in! He has the sweetest face in these pictures, and I could just eat him with a spoon! Who would believe that such a sweet smile disguises a stubborn streak a mile long! If you will humor my indecisive nature, let me know what you think....what's your favorite?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What in the World?

Wonder if it is possible that a nearly 2 year old can still have colic?? If not, a grouch bug has latched on and won't let go! AC is still rather ill in the afternoons and has been particularly this week (but I can tell she has been tired yesterday and today). I know you are on the edge of your seat wondering what it could be this time?!?!
She wanted bunny to take a bath with her tonight......I had to take it from her before she stepped in the tub, so she flipped and flailed around wanting him off the counter!

Everything was much better once she was out of the bathtub and could get some bunny love!

Colby has really started to love Apple Jacks and wants to play it when he gets out of the shower. He has had a great week these past two days at school. I pray it continues; he has not complained about work, etc. He said tonight, he thought Kindergarten might be getting a little easier.......SHEW!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Cause & Effect

What happens when a one-year-old tries desperately to get into the pantry....

and every time she gets it opened.........

it gets closed right in her face!

I should say how would AUBREE CATE DANNER react when she is told no to these!!! Of course, there is no harm in marshmallows, but how do you think that one-year-old would handle it when her mama tells her that supper is in the process of being made and will be ready in about 5 minutes.......which means no marshmallows right now!

She reacts like an AUBREE CATE would!!! Loud and Proud :)

I said we are just about to eat; therefore......

you may not have the marshmallows right now, BUT you can have some after you eat your sandwich.....


How do you think AUBREE CATE DANNER reacts when she realizes that she is not going to win????

with complete and total FRUSTRATION!!!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day of Play

There wasn't much going on again this weekend. Since getting back into the swing of school, the thought of getting dressed on Saturday after a long week does not appeal to me! We just enjoyed our lazy day....

I don't think school is ready for Aubree just yet!
But how could they NOT love her!

The temperature was fairly decent today with occasional overcast to keep temperatures down. It was especially nice this evening when the breeze picked up.

Greetings from the top of the slide!

Colby was doing a little dance or something.....

There is something very exciting about playing on a trailer!!!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I See......

rain, rain......lots of rain!!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daily Living

This is partly why my house looks like it doesn't get cleaned often! Even though it frequently looks hurricane-ish, I do try!
Vacuum attempt #1: This afternoon I took out the vacuum to get up the daily tracking that somehow happens when no one is here, it seems.
I wrapped the vacuum cord and got it put away in the closet and went to the back of the house (BRIEFLY). When I came back I saw......

She runs up, gives me the bag and says, "here you go"! I make her get down there with me to pick them up and put them back in the bag. Her contribution: eat them as I put them in the bag. This leads to vacuum #2.
The very moment I get that vacuum back in to the closet, I turn around, and I see Aubree chewing something. I asked her if she found one on the floor I missed. Since they were scattered from here to there, I walked back into the kitchen and there it was......ANOTHER MESS! This time I nearly lost was not cute in the least! She had gotten them out of the trash (and had a snack)! While I knelt down to pick them up AGAIN she pulled the back of my shirt up and I could feel her tugging on my pants trying to look - she was saying, "poopy" (that was kinda funny). Anyway, that led to...........
VACUUM #3!!!!My bones will not go stiff with her around!!! :)

Thankfully, Colby did his homework without any drama!!!! Yippee!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yesterday & Today

There wasn't much to our weekend, but bath time usually makes for cute pics....

And here's the AUBREE CATE look!!

I also decided to add today's church pics...

It actually didn't take very long to get a decent snap!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Spaghetti Night!

Given this is another food post, I guess I can say that we appreciate food! We had spaghetti tonight which is a regular since it is quick and easy. I'm quite fond of spaghetti because pasta is one of my favorites, and Al never voices an opinion one way or the other, he's glad when there is food other than fast food or grilled cheese.

Colby eats it, but it isn't his favorite. He spends the majority of the time obsessing over "the orange things, dark things", etc. He would prefer "circle spaghetti"....another words Chef Boyardee!!

HOWEVER, it is one of AC's favorites!!! I think she could eat it nearly every day. Here she is enjoying her bowl of spaghetti......

Now enjoying bowl #2! All I can say is hopefully we won't be sharing clothes by the time she is in the third grade! :)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Food Thief!

Sorry that this is a repeat post for most, but I wanted to have it on my blog....
On Saturday, I didn't sit to eat lunch at the same time the kids ate, and since I had gotten interested in "Runaway Bride" for about the 20th time, I decided to take my bologna sandwich into the living room to eat. If we eat in the living room, we have to be on guard with Aubree. To call her a hoverer wouldn't be exactly right....she is looking to swoop in when she sees the chance. That usually means you eat with one hand while blocking her arms with the other. When she turns her attention to the drink, you grab it up really quickly. Get the picture?
I lost my edge for a moment and, with quickness, she snatched the remaining part of my sandwich and ran. When I yelled her name, she stuffed every bit of the sandwich into her mouth. I sat in shock for a moment and then ran to get the camera. When I got back, she already had her pappy in. I looked around on the floor next to her and asked her where did my sandwich go! She yanked out pappy and there is was.......

I assume she likes bologna!

There is my lunch leaking from her mouth, but obviously not bothered by her actions.

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