Thursday, July 30, 2009

D & D Groups

Colby has been relentless about having a sleepover before school starts, so the DeLoach's spent last night with us....

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Potty Time!

Finally! Since AC has become interested in using the potty occasionally, I could never remember to buy a little potty when I was at the store. I didn't train Colby with one, but I thought it would be much easier with a girl to have one, so I finally remembered to pick up one today when I went over to Wal-Mart. I wasn't really sure if she was going to want it, because I've sat her on the big one long enough for her to be used to that. Once I set it up, we had a gathering to explain the new situation. After I distracted her from opening and closing the lid (tiring), I told her we should sit. YAY, YAY, YAY with her first attempt on a new thrown!!!

Then, on to pulling out Easter baskets and making a mess....

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pediatrician check x 2

We headed out early this morning for a Danner Duo check-up. One would think it might be okay to do an alone pediatrician visit with two kids when you have a five-year old and a one-year old....negative! I was soooo stressed out by the time we left there that my jaws hurt from keeping them clinched for a solid hour. Aubree cried most of the time from being sleepy, and there were about three nurses popping in out simultaneously wanting different things for each of them.......sign this form, fill this out, strip her down, get him on the table, we need a weight on him, now her, take him to the bathroom for was non-stop until the doctor came in. Still, Aubree was crying and Colby was wanting to switch chairs, so I'm not entirely sure I actually processed everything she was telling me!

Nevertheless, this was the easy part before we left home.

Colby weighed 52 lbs. and was 47" which is the 90th percentile in both areas.
Aubree has actually slowed down a little. She weighed in at 25lbs which I'm not fully convinced of. They put her on a regular scale and she was trying to get off; I was really expecting her to weigh a little more, but I might be wrong. This was 50-75%ile. She measured 32" at the 75%ile.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

5 Year Portrait

Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but today I took Colby to Statesboro to get pictures for his 5-year portrait. After he changed, I took some snaps before LaRita started. These don't do the real thing justice! I wanted outside portraits, so they were all made next to her white column on the porch and under her gazebo next to the pond. He looked soooo good in his seersuckers with his dimple smile! She let me look at a few on the camera, so I can't wait to see....

After we got finished (and wiped ALOT of sweat from our brows), it was lunch time. McDonald's was his suggestion.....can you believe that!!! I really wanted Zaxby's today but my choices were McDonald's or "chips and cheese"....... Ummmm, let me think........
The food was good as usual......Colby even wanted to sit in the same booth with me!

We did QUICK errands since Tammy had AC and I was on ticking clock (kidding). We bought a couple pair of tennis shoes, had a 15 minute mall trip, and did the dreaded Statesboro WalMart. Apparentely, he was wiped out on the way home from the million PLUS one questions he managed to ask today!!! :)
AND he still managed to get Mickey D's for supper tonight. Oh, well......I got a sweet tea out of it!
P.S. I had finished this post and shut down my computer when I had to come back......I always get Colby up before I retire so he can use the bathroom since he sleeps SO hard. Just now, I pulled him out by his feet and stood him on the floor (and he is always still asleep, I guide him to the bathroom) and then he blurts out, "What is your favorite color?". I started laughing, I couldn't help it, after I had just talked about all the questions from the day. He even asks questions in his sleep!!!! :)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Group Swim

Unfortunately, this will probably be our last opportunity as a group swim with the DeLoach boys. Tammy will head back to school next week, and there are those last minute errands (or house chores that I've put off) to be done, sooooo........
Thomas scores a 10!

ALWAYS....something in her mouth!

Next step........learning to dive, hopefully!
It wasn't as if she had not already enjoyed two juice boxes of her own, but she was waiting, not so patiently, for the boys to abandon their juice and when they did, she moved in....ON ALL THREE......just to be sure they didn't waste!!!
Snack break

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Vacation

Every year we take a beach trip with Al's mom/stepdad. With a miss here and there, we have always stayed at Fernandina Beach in the same condo. We enjoyed it there, but due to the enormous price increase, we let it go and opted for Daytona this year. The weather was enjoyable with some afternoon showers and partial rain on our last day. Colby loved having access to the beach and pool any time he wanted! Aubree's most used word on our trip was "pool" which included the beach and actual pool. Al wasn't able to come until midweek, but he was put to work when he got there. We ,also, visited with many G'ville people during our stay....When it was time to pack up on Sunday morning, Colby kept saying he wasn't ready to go yet. It was an extremely quick week but we had lots of fun!

Colby is attempting to hold AC still for a quick photo!

Aubree wore a path from our tent to the water every day! If someone was sitting under our tent, I would take my chair to the water and just let her walk back and forth so someone was on each end of her path......if not, I spent my time walking back and forth which wasn't a fun game for me!! She never fully grasped the concept that you can only go so far in the beach so it was like holding a wet cat at times. The only thing that seemed to make sense was to let the waves climb over her a few times so she could get the message..... :)
Colby had a fine time playing this year. He is to the age where it was nearly impossible to keep him in the room which presented a challenge when I had to stay with Aubree at times. It was nice when Al & Hamp got there so they could swim and play Shuffleboard with him...he was wearing Papa Bickie down!! He enjoyed the beach but.....all children love a pool!!

Tara would have enjoyed it.....I believe it was the shuttle's 6th attempt to launch when the weather was cooperative, and it was able to go up. Luckily, it happened during our beach week, so we were able to see the shuttle from our condo!!!

On Thursday, we went to the Daytona Speedway and took the VIP tour. It was definitely worth the was much cheaper than I expected for everything we did and Colby was free since he was five. We went down on the track which is much steeper than it appears, we went on top of the roof for an air shot, had lunch, toured the meeting room, garage area, tunnel, the Towers, and Victory Lane. I recommend it if you haven't ever done was a fun day even if you aren't an avid Nascar fan like me.
The (air conditioned) bus took us to several roof views......I believe this shot was taken from the Tower where the suites are and broadcasting occurs. That is Victory Lane in the background.
Down at Victory Lane......

We visited the garage area....

We went inside the drivers' meeting room where they meet before racing.
This is one of the suites. This belongs to the man that had the track built.

One morning we got the kids up and dressed them for some beach shots.

Late afternoon Frisbee throwing......
Al has been wanting to take Colby to ride/see go-carts for a while. He has explained that he raced carts back in the day and how much fun he used to have. On Friday, a few males take Colby to the go-cart track, and he comes back with a Hooter's picture! That's the balloon string in front of his face....

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