Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aren't Bubbles Relaxing?

Not according to Aubree! After finding the new Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath the last time I went to the store, I thought Aubree would enjoy playing in the bubbles. Tonight, I got the bath ready, got my camera, and put her in. She didn't panic right away - she touched and checked them out...........

Once she realized they stick, she was NOT in favor of that! She started to get a little louder! She was ready to get out.....
She wanted to be sure I was getting her message!! We washed the hair quickly and wiped off, so she could get out of the, supposed to be relaxing, bubble bath! There will come a day when she won't have time to enjoy bubble baths anyway! :)

Colby passed on his shower tonight to try out the bubbles.....he looks pretty relaxed!!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

No Sugar Bugs!

Colby had a check-up today and everything was a-okay! AC goes with him at next check-up for her initial visit...that should be fun!

No cavities!


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

July 4th Church Program

Tonight at church we had the children's patriotic singing program. It turned out cute and was fun to watch as it usually is with little kids singing! One of our 3 year-olds decided midstream that it was imperative she use the bathroom at that moment, so she walked off and came back to finish.....

True to our church, we had a meal following the program...Dawson loves to play with AC.

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Happy Birthday Yesterday..

Happy Birthday to Al on Saturday!
Al and Colby have been going for late afternoon swims pretty regularly while I get Aubree bathed and settled before they get back. Saturday we all went to our neighbor's for a bit.
AC would rather watch from the outside of the pool

Yea C - still swimming

It doesn't do any good to tell her not to lap the water!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Boys' Trip to Sea World

Tammy and I took the boys to Sea World for a few days this week. It would be way too hard on Aubree being so little, so she went with Mrs. Libby and was able to stay at the babysitter during the day (which I know she enjoyed). Several people had their doubts that we could make the trip on our own, but we did it.....successfully! The day we got there, we went to Downtown Disney that evening for dinner and to look around. The boys decided on the T-Rex Cafe' for dinner, and it was incredibly neat!

I think the idea kept haunting Colby that one of those moving dinosaurs was going to snatch him up! When he walked past one, he kept his eyes on it and picked up the pace....
Colby ate chicken fingers as he does every restaurant meal...
Right outside the door the boys loved playing in the pebble/rock area. They enjoyed brushing the area for dinosaur bones.

Colby is playing on the slide next to the Lego store.

In front of the Lego store.
There was a stage area, and they were doing a music show with dance moves that labeled specific time eras. We had to stop for a while, because it was quite funny to be in the back watching everyone (of different talent levels and ages) attempt these moves. We tried to urge the boys to copy the man on stage but this is what we got.....
HOWEVER, when they got to a hip-hop dance, Thomas and Colby decided to try it! You should have seen them as they attempted to go "to the right, to the right, to the right.......... :) Dawson is way too cool for any of that!!!!

Day 2 - Sea World

The acrobat part of the dolphin/whale show was very good!

Thomas and Dawson.......these air conditioned exhibits were worth any amount of money!

After lunch we caught the Shamu Show - Believe

It was a great show, of course!
Exhaustion and heat were beginning to get the best of me at this point. We hiked the entire length of the park, I think, and when we got to Clyde and Seymore, the place was completely full. We went to the top and the boys were able to sit on the top stairs to see while Tammy and I sat on the ground behind them and took some Tylenol!

Mid afternoon, we headed back to the hotel to make the boys catch a quick nap and change clothes. We went back over to Sea World for our dinner reservations at the Underwater Shark Cafe' (I forget the exact name)......dining with the sharks. That was a neat experience for the boys, as well.

We went back over to the mini coaster for the boys to ride for the second time that day. Colby absolutely loved the ride!! Ocean Comotion!!!!
Our final destination at Sea World was the night show, Shamu Rocks!!! This show fills up rather quickly so we were there 45 minutes prior to start time. It didn't take long to get full. The weather worked out so nicely for us, we managed to avoid all afternoon showers both days. It did begin to rain some during the show, but we were heading out after the show anyway.

Heading back home on Friday. We stopped in Ormond Beach, FL for some breakfast-at-lunch..... where? The Crackel Barrel, of course!!!!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Muscles and Lots of Determination!

It was wonderful to have a slight break in the extreme temperature today. We were able to play outside for a while before Aubree's nap.

The kids were playing out by the swing set and AC decided to climb onto the slide. She has done it before, but couldn't get anywhere in sandles or flip flops. Since she had bare feet and was able to get some traction, the girl meant she was going to get herself to the top. I wanted her to do it, since the climbing and exercise are good for the motor skills, but.......I couldn't resist telling her that she was going to fall, and she should probably get down (can't you just hear me) :) She paid absolutely NO attention to anything I was saying and didn't even hesitate or slide back down before she made it the first time!

Colby knew his best bet was to use the stairs!

Almost there........this is where is got tricky. It really gets steep so I didn't think she was going to be able to hoist that body over......

But don't you underestimate this (UGH) tomgirl.... :)

Hey down there!

You see me up here??

Time to come back and cool off in the baby pool (the trampoline has seen its last days).

Blaaaack Dog, where are you? Are you hiding from me?
HEY!! There you are.....
Aubree takes a nap and Colby chooses computer time.

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