Thursday, May 28, 2009

His Poor, Tired Soul

Colby has gone to Hinesville with me this week to stay with our babysitter which he loves to do. One of his past friends has also been coming during post-planning; she is entering first grade. According to Mrs. Wanna, Morgan has kept them going this week.....she makes them sit and read, play games, etc. Guess he just can't keep up with that energetic girl! This is the second day Colby couldn't hold off on a car nap. Couldn't resist these photos...once he fell asleep, he didn't move the entire way home. I carried him out of the car once we got here......

And the nap continues once inside...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is my point!

I took these pictures during some outside time today to capture a little of what I was talking about today at work. Out of privacy for this person, I'll only give a hint - first name starts with "M" and last name begins with "Sands"!
Anyway, I was saying due to the rain and mess outside it has been difficult to let Aubree play outside in the afternoon lately. This person proceeded to give me a hard time that I wouldn't want AC to get messy, blah, blah, blah.

Seriously, about 3 minutes in to play a magnet to the concrete!!! See the eye? Was bruising nicely by bedtime...
The dirt on the patio was calling her name - just a finger taste!

Black Dog sees a little dirt on the side of her face, I suppose!

Apparently, she didn't get it all the first time!!!

A little time for harm in that.

Colby joins the adventure outside and SOMEHOW he managed to lock the door on his way out. Once I started to sweat and was ready to head back in to get supper ready, door locked! My keys, phone, Al's keys were all inside and Al wasn't home. Colby decided to sass and say I needed to have everything with me instead of that camera to take pictures!! After Al finally came back, I had to wait for him to go to his Mama's to get a spare key (no other available spare). While we wait (in the heat), we came across a few creatures, but guess what?????? Camera battery DEAD!
Can't get too mad at that smile....well not all the time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

The weekend at the coast did not turn out exactly as we would have planned, but we don't get to choose when the rain comes, so we made do! Rain or shine, Colby does not care what the weather is as long as it is okay enough to go play at the sandbar. Al and David took the boys in the boat on Sat to let them play and again Sunday which was slightly better. I have no pics from water time since I couldn't send my camera in the weather. Tammy, Aubree, and I went to Brunswick VERY QUICKLY on Saturday, and I don't really think AC had much didn't appear that way! I realized once we left a store that we were missing the infamous bunny!!! Tammy was in charge for a brief moment and, naturally, that is when she lost it! When I couldn't find it, Tammy had to abort the browsing, and we returned fast to retrace steps from the last store. Luckily, we found bunny before another child decided they wanted to take it to their home!!!! Anyway, here are some random pictures from the weekend...all inside!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colby's Pre-K Graduation

It seems like I was just putting pictures together for the first day of Pre-K..... the program was cute and went well. Colby was excited about the day and did well during the program. The classes sang several songs and then received their certificates. Afterwards, we watched a slide presented by pre-k as "a year in review".

Mrs. Phyllis: This was her first year of Pre-K after many years in first grade. I'm sure it was an adjustment, but Colby enjoyed having her.

Ms. Laura (parapro): We appreciate all her patience and hard work.

Colby gave Tia a present for for her babysitting job after school.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Many?

How many days do you have left of school, Colby???Actually, it's only one and a half....Pre-K has their program Thursday morning, and they are released afterwards - for the summer!

oooooo....can you believe it???

This really has nothing to do with the post, but during bath time tonight, the amount of loudness and partying was elevated. In the tub, Colby tries to pay Aubree no attention while she is splashing, putting her head in the water, and moving around like she is in a spacious pool. He did, however, egg her on a little tonight so it was even louder and messier than usual.......Aubree Cate shows absolutely no fear in the bathtub!!!! She kicks back in the water like she is relaxing; all she needs is the Calgon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

This & That..

It's only Monday and already Colby is wiped out by the time school is out

But not Aubree, she occupies her time by taking out her bow, taking off her shoes, screaming...

Colby sometimes has to do what he can to keep peace going in the car....I like these days better.

I'm outta here!!!

Hey! Actually, that is the remote, but she doesn't seem bothered.

I'm here to bug you!!!

Let me try coming from another direction...

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Afternoon...

Colby participated in his first spend-the-night party. It was Dawson's belated party and a few friends spent the night. I'm sure he is having a good time (hopefully sleeping at this point). For some reason, Aubree never gets invited to a sleepover!!! :) Anyway, we carried on without brother....

Had a Goldfish snack....

It is still doing some much needed raining.....

....and mashed potatoes
Get the sillies out!

Read a story before bed....

Lights out!
Then, Mama retreated to peace and quiet to watch "Marley & Me".......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How sweet it is....