Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Onion Festival Parade

Once again, we had a church float in the parade, I had one kid that wanted to ride and one that's too scared to do it. I tried everything under the sun to get AC to ride, but she "wanted to catch candy"........
There is Uncle David making his contribution to the parade.... he is always good for a laugh :)  His Shiner friends make way too much noise for AC in that parade; she is always ready for them to move on!!! :)
I just noticed that the kids might have been eating as much as they were throwing!
He's in the middle of "Mama...." so he could throw me a frisbee! 
That was probably the nicest weather we have had for the Onion Festival in a long time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Like a rocket...

He blasts off into third grade!  This has been such a fast year, it nearly made my head spin!  On Honors Day, one of Colby's awards was for Student of the Month that he received back in March.
He was also one of two students in the second grade that received Perfect Attendance this school year.  His first time ever...... :)
Give us a little smile C........
And then there was fake!! :) He was so self-conscious about people watching him!  He also received a T-shirt award for AR this year too. 
I'm so proud that he made honor roll all year long and did well academically.  It probably helped a lot that Melissa was ready and waiting with a fly swatter when he needed some extra motivation! :)  Third grade is going to mean SO much more independence, and that worries me greatly!  It is going to be a big adjustment for us next year....... We love and appreciate everything Mrs. Tatum did for Colby this year!
The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth."  ~Dan Rather
As the grades go by, the wrinkles multiply! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Season in Review

She has already started asking when ball will start up again...... :)  I promise no more T-ball pictures!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Last T-ball Year

During a given week, everyone lives for something! For Aubree, it's T-ball day.  We pretty much have to acknowledge every day and review how many more before "game day". 
Then, we go through the list of adoring fans that will be present to cheer her on when her day arrives!
And.........she hit it!  Run number 6!
Waiting at second base to make her move to third!  **Wrong foot advancing to third* :)
Clearly, it is difficult to tell if what I say is the truth!  I almost looks like I have to hog tie her to get her there! :)   I love her excitement, especially when she is so taken over with excitement before the game that she pats Colby on the knee and calls him "precious".  **That has sparked a whole new nickname for C...... I love to aggravate my "precious" boy!
Yay, Aubree Cate you crossed home and got that "hot five" from Mr. Lee!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bible Competition 2012

All I can say, is that I'm sooo glad that is over!  This past weekend, Ebenezer had a second grade group and a fourth grade group, plus one individual competitor going for the area of Bible Memorization at the Free Will Baptist competition in Albany.  Those boys have practiced diligently for months on end to learn their parts and get in sync with each other.  We were so proud of their willingness to be part of something that represents Christian faith.  They stepped out of their comfort zone by agreeing to speak in front of a room full of people and judges with all eyes zoned directly to them...... My stomach was in knots, and I thought I might throw up at the thought, so I paced outside the door until they were done! :)BTW, you could tell they were so out of their element by even wearing a tie!  Good grief!  They flipped, pulled, and played with them for the first hour! Good thing I brought an extra, because, somehow, Colby demolished his tie (that wasn't even ours) within about 10 minutes of having it on (seriously!).  *See two different ties in the pictures*  Ugh.....  these are backyard, barefoot kids fo' sho'! :)

Here are the second graders that Colby was working with......
We were able to see the judges sheets after awards were completed on Saturday.  They received a perfect score in the area or memorization, but they fell short with presentation.  As expected, they were nervous and fidgety so they lost marks which knocked them out of 1st place.  Only first place could go to Nationals in Nashville, but it was a good experience for them.  We are so proud of their efforts!  There isn't a magic switch to turn off the nervousness.....just takes practice.
It was a very long day for those boys, but they represented our church and the Lord well! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clowning around....

At a reward party at school, I'm guessing they had some fun! I'm extremely surprised that Colby actually put this stuff on and allowed a picture! :) That isn't him...... When they gave him the picture to take home, Tammy said some of the kids wanted to look at it, and Colby moved the fastest he has ever moved getting the picture stuffed into his book bag!!  What a funny moment to make him relive when he is.....oh, about 18, and I'm that mama that breaks out old photos for his girlfriend to see! :)